Poll: what 'surprises' will come out before November 2

We are getting down to the wire here folks.

November 2 is approaching and I suspect that on either side of the political spectrum Big Surprises will be made in order to sway the voters.

My guess:

#1: Osama bin Laden has been caught a/o is officially dead.

#2 WMD will be found in Iraq.

Place your bets…take a guess…

I say #3: There will be another terrorist attack and the Republicans will be behind it but no one will know it till Dubya wins.

The big surprise will be… that there ISN’T any big surprise. There won’t be any big news or major changes on the Iraq or economic front between now and Election Day.

AND… there will be a clear cut winner. I don’t know who it will be, but SOMEONE will have a solid, legitimate and undeniable majority of electoral votes. Lawyers for the other side will have nothing to sue over.

I for one doubt that either Osama or the WMDs will be pulled out of the magic hat between now and election day. Even some solid Bush supporters would be suspicious about that.

Now here’s what will happen: some government agency will issue a press release saying that they’ve done an official study showing that the Bush Administration did a good job of preparing for the occupation, and/or that significant progress is being made against the insurgency. The report itself won’t be released until after the election, so it won’t be possible for anyone to check the details.

Friday afternoon, Matt drudge breaks a “shocking” report from “highly reliable sources” that John Kerry has been receiving millions in campaign money and other support from Al Qaeda terrorists. “The terrorists want Bush to lose,” blab blab blab.

The claim will eventually be proven false, but not before November 3rd.

On October 31st the SDMB’s chapter of the Brotherhood Of Bush Bashers[sup]TM[/sup] will stop posting conspiracy theories and paranoid fears.

Oh, wait: That wouldn’t be a surprise, that would be a SHOCK!

I agree on both counts.

More like an impossibility.

I’m with **Marley ** and astorian.

Nothing. Both sides will try to make a big deal over little items that don’t ammount to much but no one has anything up their sleeves. Except maybe that picture of Kerry and the goat.

A woman, dead and buried for over 9 months, will give birth to a healthy baby. The baby’s cries from the grave will be heard by a kindly, old caretaker who has to excavate the grave himself because everyone thinks he’s an eccentric dingbat. Investigators will discover that a necrophile embalmer had sex with the woman’s corpse at the mortuary. While the woman was well and truely dead, in a fluke of physiology the likes of which have never been seen before, one of her her eggs was still viable when the sperm made contact. Scientists will not be completely sure how the fetus managed to obtain nutrients or a blood supply during the pregnancy. They will speculate that circulation was carried out in the fetus by CPR like motions caused by the movement of maggots swarming around the dead body. The baby will be adopted by it’s maternal grandparents and named after it’s mother - Stiffyknee Rottem. But not until after the election.

It would surprise me if any less than 24 threads on this exact subject weren’t posted on the boards, all thinking that a search in the last month for “surprise” wouldn’t reveal anything.

The Boston Red Sox win the World Series. :eek:

I admit it. I was expecting something. But time is running out. Although this administration has appeared rather crass in some of their actions, I’m kinda doubting they’re going to pull anything. The timing is a little past.

What the HELL?

Well, it would surprise me.

Various attempts to screw with the electoral process will continue. Frustrated voters will gather in the South and saw off Florida, leaving it to float off towards Gambia.

Heh heh … that was one of the most bizarre and hilarious things I’ve ever read. CPR-like motions of the swarming maggots?

This is the most “doable” of the surprises they could pull, and the most certain to sway the electorate for that crucial couple of days. Still, the risk is HUGE and although I don’t think it would be beyond Rove, Cheney, Rumsfield or their neo-con masters to do it, I don’t know if Dubya himself would go for it. Not that he’d have a clue if they kept it from him.

A very risky scenario – if they’re caught, they AND the Republican Party goes out the window, maybe for good – but with pollsters like Zogby now willing to call the election for Kerry, they could be thinking real hard about it. It’ll happen over the weekend, it it happens at all.

Are you doing your E.R. rotation this month?

Hey wait. I know a Stiffyknee. But Rottem was her maiden name.