POLL: Which Americans believe that citizens should not be allowed to own handguns?

Just a poll, not a debate.

Those who think that American citizens should be permitted to own handguns need not vote.

I’m just interested in how many there are on this board who wish to see it made illegal for private citizens to own handguns. In the fullness of time - not tomorrow, necessarily. But that would be your aspiration, whether that meant changing some amendments to the constitution or not.

Count me in, I 'm against handguns for private citizens.

Count me, I am also against hand guns.

What’s this vote about, again?

BTW, I am all in favor of Americans securing as much as they can in the way of gun rights; that is, ultimately, the only way we keep the federal government honest.

No, it’s not a very democratic vote, but I just wanted to see how many people were similar to the majority of Brits, who don’t want guns in our purse, our glove compartment, our cabinet, or under our pillow.

I know that many good folks wish to keep the Federal Government honest, want to protect their family, and thus wish to secure as much as they can in the way of gun rights. Just, I’m not interested in rehearsing the arguments here.

I hope you’re not looking for a vote tally representative of all Americans on the SDMB.

Er, based on all Americans from what is posted on the SDMB.

No, I just want to know a) that I’m not alone and b) who I can approach to join my underground dissident army…

An army without guns? Who would you fight? The Poughkeepsie Chess Club?

Actually, better watch it…they are armed.

Only one response to that.

(Dons headgear and raises arm)

HOW! you doin’?

To riff on your racist joke, not too well based on the fact Americans are, and always have been, allowed to own guns.

My state is home to a great number of tribes. I know a few Dakota, some Chippewa, as well as more than a few Lakota and the majority of them own firearms. Most have, if they live on the better Reservations (which is the majority) acclimated to US culture. Yeah, we forced it on them a few hundred years ago, but they have had time to acclimate. And most have.

Don the headgear? Would you be so flippant as telling a member of the Zulu Nation you were a brother-in-arms because you owned a large spear? :downcast pity headshake:

You have a better chance getting blacks to revolt for slavery than going for the cheap, uninformed one-off of getting a dig in on Native Americans.

Look, guys. There was a thread a while back in which the pro-gun people (me included) were pissed off because this one jerk had to put his opinion in a thread that was clearly not meant for him. Can we do roger thornhill the same courtesy that we want in our threads?

I appreciate that last time you took it to email, roger, instead of hijacking an otherwise interesting thread, but this time my opinion is relevant.

Do I want to own a handgun?

Would I object to anyone else owning a handgun?

Do I consider any inanimate object to be intrinsically “evil” or “uncivilized” simply because it exists?

Do I think that people who assign moral values to inanimate objects are a bit touched in the head?

You’ll probably find this to be a fairly mainstream opinion in the United States. I think you’ll find more than a few Americans on this board who agree with your positition, but in the real world they’re thinner on the ground.

We should be allowed to. (Even though it’s a inalienable right and not a government allowance.)

I will never have a handgun in my house. I think they should be registered and if you want one you should have to have a permit that costs $100 a year to renew, just like my rocket motors.

I think any poll that asks for only one side to respond is inherently biased.

But I do qualify, as per the OP: So I think that Americans have a legal right to own handguns as established by the Constitution. And I think that was a mistake that, like slavery, prohibition, and the second place election of the Vice Presidency, should be amended out of the Constitution. I think there should definitely be restrictions on the ownership of firearms.

Legal yes.

Registered/licensed/and INSURED - yes

(Guns to me are a lot like cars. American’s have a huge facination with them. They are not evil, but both can be quite dangerous. Like a car, you should carry insurance on any gun so that if it is used - even if it is stolen from your home and used - you carry resposibility for it).

Yeah, but just try riding one down to the corner market for a carton of milk!

C’mon, Hi, Ginger and Greg!

C’mon, Roger, what kind of “poll” allows for only one response? “Only respond if you agree with me.” Pretty dull. Of course, a lot of dopers could use this thread to up their post count. Let’s see how many ways one can agree that citizens shouldn’t be allowed to own handguns.

Count me in.
Eliminate knives and ball point pens, too.
Handguns bad.
Down with handguns.
Amputate hands!
All power to the gumment.
…and on and on.

Personally, I don’t want a handgun. I believe that there should be limitations on the kind of handguns available to individuals. I think there should be some oversight as to which people are qualified to own guns (mentally unsound or criminal types should be barred). But would I have them all taken away? No. Sorry not to agree with you.