Poll: Which is your favorite color?


Pink or Pink or any other shade of pink!

It’s feminine, fun, romantic, flirty, it’s just a great color. I love me some pink! Pink roses, pink clothing, pink shoes, heck, I even have pink in my hair! :smiley:

Burnt Sienna (sp?)

Blue, no, yellow, AAARRRHHHGGGHHH!!!

actually, it’s Clear :wink:

Another fan of brown, here. It’s neutral but can also be striking (especially when shades of brown are used to offset other colors), it’s the color of the earth (in many places, at least), and it looks good on me.

I saw a Queer Eye once where they re-did a guy’s apartment entirely in shades of brown, and I was so jealous! :slight_smile:

Pink Pink Pink!

I spent the years from 11-22 pretending my favorite color wasn’t PINK because I thought people would think I was too girly.

But then I realized I didn’t care. I enjoy being a girl! And I love pink!

Another vote for purple; specifically eggplant.


Sky Blue

“Deep Sky Blue”. That’s what the BBCode calls it. I prefer to think of it as “electric blue with a hint of turquoise.” :slight_smile:

Lavender of course. And just about any other shade of purple.

Green is my favorite. All shades, tints and hues. There is no logical reason why; green just speaks to me somehow.


Because it can be calming and relaxing, or exciting and vibrant.

My house is done in mostly browns, too.:wink: Glad not to be the only fan of brown here.

Generally speaking green, but I like a little blue thrown in. Like the color of a blue spruce

Red Red Red Red I Love Red!

My elementary school colors were Red and White.
My high school colors were Red and White.
My college colors were Red and White.
The colors of the company I work for are Red, White, and Black.
My Carolina Hurricane’s colors are Red, White, and Black.
I have red lampshades, red curtains, red bed linens, pretty much red everything.

Teal and Ultramarine Blue. They were the colors I had at my wedding.

I also like Plum.

I don’t think I can pick one…:o

I love orange. Sunset colors!


Sometimes it’s midnight blue, sometimes it’s sea green