Poll: Which is your favorite color?

I´d like to conduct a poll to see which, if any color, is most popular at least in the SDMB.

Just say the name of your favorite color, if you can think of any reason of why you like it best, feel free to say so.

My favorite color is Red.

I think it stands out, but not too much. It´s also the predominant color in the Spanish flag, and I identify with that.

I like green. It’s the color of my birthstone, it looks nice on me, and it reminds me of spring and trees and plants and the ocean and all sorts of nice things.

Black. Goes with anything and looks good on me.

Some shades of purple, also. Purple Heart purple is nice.

ETA: (Formerly known as Purplkid_Caterer)

I second purple. It’s dark, a little mysterious, but not as boring as basic black. It’s elegant when used tastefully. The color of royalty. And to my delight, very in style right now.

Ahhh! Grapist!


Is that another vote for purple?

Maybe. Maybe it’s a vote for silver.

Green. It’s calming, like a forest glade. Or something like that. I just like green.

Purple, but really closer to an orchid shade of purple.

Brown. Warm, reassuring, earthy brown. Although I love blue and orange (but not together), as well.


It’s always been my favorite color. I just bought a new red cellphone and it’s purty.


Blue. It is the color of my birthstone, too, incidentally (sapphire) and it’s just so pretty.

My favorite color has always been purple, ever since I was a little kid. I used to love a deep, royal plum purple, but lately my favorite color is a pale lavender. Particularly when lavender looks almost blue.

Go Blue!

Forgot to mention, *try *to avoid political connotations in your color choice.

I know its election season in the US and all, but lets keep our favorite colors “real”.

Blue. Actually periwinkle. If you go outside on a clear day and look straight up - that’s the color.

Deep, dark blue. SDMB banner blue. It’s solid and bold. Red’s a little in-your-face but blue is the strong, silent type.

All of 'em, any of 'em that have been in front of me over all these years.
Seriously, though, I agree with SDMB Banner Blue