What is your favorite color?

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Me, a deep rich sky blue (the color of my current car in fact).

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Blue. Royal blue to be more specific. It’s the color of shirt and belt I’m wearing right now. And shoes too if I have to put them on.

My fav colors in order:

  1. Green
  2. Blue
  3. Black

And I’m a fan of variations of 1 and 2 that blur together (ie: Blue-green/Green-Blue).

I dislike Red.

I consider cyan to be a type of blue. So I voted for blue, but cyan happens to be one of my favorite shades.

It’s a tossup between navy and lilac.

Turquoise and periwinkle - I voted “other” since they’re both combinations.

Never mind.

I like green and blue pretty much equally. If you made me pick upon the pain of death, I’d chose green, but resent not being able to pick blue too.


Guess! :smiley:

My second fave is pink.

Blue, with green and purple neck and neck. And neck.
Least fave? Yellows and reds.

So far I am the only one who chose pink. I like pink a lot…almost obsessively. Almost everything I own is pink, as is a large part of my wardrobe (although today I am in blue for some reason). My living room would be decorated in shades of pink, but for my husband who wanted something more masculine, so the furniture is beige and wood grain, but I have lots of pink accents, and my bedroom (in which I have free reign since none of my husband’s friends will ever see it) is exclusively shades of pink (sheets, comforters, curtains etc.) with a few hunter green accent pieces in deference to the fact that a man shares the room with me. :slight_smile:

I was in a state of almost depression waiting for my cell phone case (that I had to order) to arrive to cover the fact that my new cell phone model was unavailable in pink. For almost two weeks I carried a blue-covered phone, and although it was a pretty shade of blue, the phone never felt like it belonged to me until it was properly pink coated.

My laptop has a pink “skin” so that no one will know it isn’t pink on its own, my desktop is solid pink (no icons visible) and my Firefox is set with a pink theme. It’s nice and I like it that way.

The color pink just makes me happy.:slight_smile:


It’s the color I painted my room in like 1st grade, and I repainted it a more grown-up shade just recently. :smiley:

(Actually, now it’s gray with a dark purple accent wall, which I like better than the whole room being one shade of lighter purple.)

…Now that I’ve been saying the word “purple” to myself over and over, it no longer makes any sense. I hate it when that happens.



Particularly, that shade of cerulean you can only seem to get by bearing down hard with a cerulean crayola crayon.


Blue, no, Yello…AARRRGGHH!!!

Seriously, my favorite is black

Black. Pure, dark, unrelieved, funereal black. Ah…bliss!

Is black a color? Some people I’ve talked to say it doesn’t count as a color.

My favorite colors are pink and black.

In what context? In talking about crayon colors or favorite colors, I’d say it is certainly a color.