POLL: which nail polish should i use next?

(not sure if this belongs here since it’s a poll, or mpsims, since it really IS quite mindless and pointless ;))

so which one should i use?

1 – rush “rain” - silver and blue microglitter

2 – wet ‘n’ wild “fiery” - metallic reddish-copper

3 – hi opal!

4 – rimmel “mania” - changes colour from metallic emerald to metallic teal

5 – wet ‘n’ wild “red ink” - dark shimmery red

6 – l’oreal “bird song” - deep shimmery teal

and yes, this is just a sampling of the 175+ bottles of nailpolish in my posession!

2 – wet ‘n’ wild “fiery” - metallic reddish-copper

Bird song…it stays on my mind.
(May only be funny if you remember cheesy 80’s commercials. Probably not even then.)
I just thought the color sounded pretty.

Have you tried the new metallic chrome-look stuff?
That’s cool, as is the new Maybelline Wet Shine, the bright red version of which is currently happily adhering to my toes!

#2. Reddish copper just sounds pretty.

Red Ink, I love that color. It looks alot like a color that was Guerlain’s Red Metorite Christmas color story.

Urban Decay’s Carny is neat looking. A pinkish lavender that flashes green. Just in case you feel the need to add another bottle to your collection.

Oh, I wish I could loan you the use of my three favorite OPI polishes:

  1. All roses lead to Rome

  2. Pompeii Purple

  3. Deer valley spice

But since I can’t, I’d go with the Red ink.

I’m sorry the Urban Decay polish is called Freakshow I got it confused with some lip gloss.

6 – l’oreal “bird song”

If only because getting glitter nail polish off of your nails is a pain in the arse, and I like teal. :slight_smile:

<< Pretty colors… >>

I vote for Bird Song too, because it’s Spring, and that sounds like a spring-y color.

But my favorite, favorite, favorite is OPI’s Bogota Blackberry. Always a great choice. :slight_smile:

My current fav is “3 colors in one bottle”. There are several different shades and they all change to 3 different colors that vary according to temperture and lighting.

Mine is a wine/cool, taupe/hot, Bronze/sunlight. When on your nails it is wine on the tips fading to taupe near the cuticle. Outside a bright glittery bronze. I have got to get a few more bottlesof this stuff.

My Opi favs are Russian to a Party, Route beer 60, Bogata berry, and I’m not really a waitress red.

well, fiery won out this time (outside votes included). bird song will be after that, and then red ink.

i only have one opi polish - “malaga wine” i believe. i want “black tie optional”, but i can’t afford it right now.

but i’m taking notes on these colours, rest assured. i have an obsession with nail polish and i’m always on the lookout.

Do you have Wet ‘n’ Wild Ruby Begonia? I love that one, and it was mistaken (by someone pretty snippety-pretentious) for Chanel. Very deep black-red. And Wet ‘n’ Wild is nice and cheap!

I’d go for one of the teal ones.

I’m a nail polish freak, too. I only have about 25-30 different colours, though!