Poll: Who's next?

Retired high-ranking military officers are speaking out against the handling of the Iraq war. The Military Times will be publishing an editorial on Monday calling for Rumsfeld’s ouster. Republican candidates all across the country are frantically trying to distance themselves from the leader of their party, discovering an urgent need to clip their toenails and hoe the back 40 when Bush comes to town.

And now, the latest rats to flee the sinking ship of state: the neocons whose bright idea it was to go to war in the first place. Not that it was their ideas that were at fault, mind you. No, oh, no, not at all. It was the bungling incompetence of the administration that carried them out, you see.

Poor man, how dreadful it must be to see his brilliant plan for a shiny new beacon of democracy so dreadfully mishandled by those fools in Washington!

So, now to my question: Who’s next? What rat or rats will be next in line to flee down the gangplank?
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I don’t know if I can tell you who’s next… but I can sure tell you who’s going to be the last… the Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee. They’ll be the last because they get to pull the plug. After they pull it, that’s it. Or if a Democratic majority takes over the committee, it may not be relevant if its Republicans have a change of heart or not. Are there still any Democrats for the war? Besides Hillary, that two-faced warmonger?