Polls For Elections of 1972 and 1984

I was curious to see if anyone knows how the polls looked before the 1972 landslide victory of Nixon and the landslide victory of Reagan in 1984.

Did the polls of that time indicate those two elections would be a landslide?

My memory of the 1984 election is that while few people were surprised with the outcome, the magnitude of the victory did manage to surprise quite a few people. The polls had predicted the win but not the total stomping that Mondale got.

From '72 it was clear early on that Nixon was going to win big. I know that when I voted (absentee from school – it was my first presidential election) all the polls pointed to a big Nixon victory, but I voted for McGovern anyway.

It was similar in 1984. The main difference was that there were fewer public state by state polls, so you knew how the popular vote was going to go, but not how that would translated in electoral votes.