Polutionary bong

I have no idea what kind of if big factorys use filters to clean out the smoke before the shoot it into the air but… If a water bong cleans most carcinogens out of (at least tobacco and marijuana) smoke couldn’t they set up some why for the smoke to be filtered through some water to help clean it out. Seems that way any thing that can dissolve in water will stay there instead of going up and dissolving in the rain water. I know then we’d have to do something with the dirty water but we could deal with that later.

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Indeed, one type of control device for some forms of pollution is a water curtain, for exactly this reason.

The downside is that instead of going into the air, the pollutants end up in the water…

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one hitter, were talking about a potential 90 foot double bubble here.

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I never bought the “water-bongs remove carcinogens from smoke” theory myself. The only difference is that the smoke is thoroughly cooled before reaching the lungs, hence making the puff smoother.

Well, it definitely removes some (how much, I dunno) of the tars, which are, I believe, the main carcinogen.

Any tars the water might remove would only be a residual amount. After all, its just bubbles of smoke filled air passing through water, its hardly reverse-osmosis going on here.

Yea but the color and smell of that old bong water sure as hell means something is getting filtered out.

Formerly known as Nec3f on the AOL SDMB