Polycarp will be offline indefinitely :-(

Many of you know that it’s been a rough year for Polycarp, since he’s been unemployed almost the whole time. He and his wife had been juggling bills, he told me, and finally one of the balls dropped: today their car was repossessed.

Since Poly doesn’t have a computer at home, and posts from the library, which he won’t easily be able to get to now, he will be offline until his situation improves.

Please keep our friend in your thoughts and prayers.

Here’s hoping the situation improves for Polycarp

Sad news. Polycarp’s voice will be missed. Good news is, this too shall pass.

How terrible; Polycarp is truly a good man and among our finest here. I will be wishing for better days for him and his family.

My thoughts and prayers are with him.

I’ll definitely miss him while he’s gone.

All my best wishes to him.

If anyone is in touch with Polycarp offline, please tell him that this atheist misses him.

Sad news. Hurry back Poly…your insight will be missed.

What a bummer. I’m sure he’s handling the tough times with his usual grace but he’ll sure be missed around here.

Adding my warm wishes for comfort and strength to the others beaming goodwill his way.


I hope things turn around soon for you, Poly.

I don’t thing Great Debates will be the same while he’s gone.

That stinks.

I look forward to that day that he returns to us. I hope that someone will post a thread about it when he does!

Hurry back, Polycarp! I hope things get better soon for you and yours.

Sending warm thoughts and hope that things improve for Polycarp and family.


Adding my prayers to the group in hopes his situation improves soon.

Maybe someone could post generally where he lives and his line of work (with permission of course). If we’re lucky, someone could know of a job for him.


This is sad to hear. Polycarp and his wisdom are one of the SDMB’s true assets. Prayers to him and his family.

Sending good vibes your way, Poly.

So sad, Poly, for any dire straights you are in. Yer in my best prayers, and if any aid can happen through this board. I’m in.

Godspeed, Poly. We miss you.