Polydactyl cats, variable forms

My boyfriend and I have been having a debate on the types of toes found on polydactyl cats. The first type being fully formed 6 toes on the front paws, the second being 5 fully formed toes with just one claw(no toe) inbetween the inner 2 toes. I have read somewhere that each of these different types of paws have names. One being a “mitten” paw and the other being a “snowshoe” paw. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this and which paw correpsonds with which name?


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I think that it might be entertaining to watch you and your boyfriend arguing about feline polydactyly.

Here’s a Straight Dope link you might find useful, if you haven’t seen it already:


Check out this link: http://fpw.isoc.net/polyink/polyx.htm. Freaky, freaky kitties! :smiley: The X-rays really tell you a lot!

My Poly is named Henry. He has the “mitten” type of paws. He also has an extra toe on the back feet. It is like a tag of skin, and a claw. No bone attached to the extra back foot toe. He’s a great kitty, even though he’s a mutant! (Our family has always had lots of Polys!)

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I had a polydactl until recently, when I had to give her up to move to a new apartment. She had the 6-toed front paws that definately looked like mittens.

She’s now at Dragon King Cattery. At least I found a good home for her. :slight_smile: