Ponies for you for New Year's

Here is my New Year’s gift to you: a ride on the beach. The beach is my town’s crowning jewel, and from October 1st through March 31st it’s open to horseback riders, dogwalkers, and anyone else who wants to enjoy its magnificent sweep.

I’ve ridden there twice – would go more often, if I had a horse trailer and a truck to haul it, or a riding buddy with same. Oh, well, I can walk there, and shoot photographs there, and indulge in the vicarious thrill of a grand gallop down the strand and through the surf.

Oh! Swoon Grand pictures!.. and I wanted to just squeeze that little pony and call him George.

Oh. Oh, Oh, Oh…
What glorious pictures! This is on my life-list; before I die, I want to gallop a horse on the beach.

Thank you for sharing that.

Very nice. Reminds me of my high school graduation cookout held there many moons ago. And of Steve McQueen tooling around in his souped up VW in The Thomas Crown Affair. And of summer concerts on the lawn of the Crane Castle. And of the little girl in the ubiquitous ally bank tv commercial that gets the real pony instead of the toy.