Pools : mentionning whether they're anonymous or not?

I sometimes answer pools, for some of them I don’t care if people know what I voted, but in other cases, I’d rather like my vote to be anonymous.

My understanding is that currently, if you want to know whether a particular pool is anonymous or not, you must click on “see vote result” and hover your mouse over the pool options, in order to see if the handles of people who already responded appear.

Couldn’t the fact that a vote is anonymous (or not) be made apparent, either automatically, or by requesting that people starting a pool specify it?

If it’s a public poll, it warns you, “Be advised that this is a public poll: other users can see the choice(s) you selected.”

I go to an anonymous pool. We all swim blindfolded.


OK, got that out of my system.

I agree- even if it does say ahead of time it is certainly not obvious. Could be much more clear. I have voted in polls that I realized later were public.

Ah, thanks! I didn’t know that.
And sorry for the spelling mistake (even though the tittle is probably funnier this way :cool: )

There’s nothing funny about misspelled Tittles.

You do realize you called it a pool all through your post, don’t you…?


Welcome to our pooll. Notice there’s an extra o in it…

Sign over my Dad’s pool:

Spelling errors are victimless crimes, like punching somebody in the dark (or while blindfolded in a poll).

That’s silly. In the anonymous pool I swim at, we all wear niqabs.

That’s no O floating in the pool… It’s an O’Henry! (either that, or a Baby Ruth) :wink:

(got to love those misspelled tittles)

No but there is about misspelled titties.

Yes but even misspelled titties are nice. …and “titties” spelled any other way still make great ice cream. (even if a little pricey)

Please don’t vote in our pool, we don’t swim in your toilet.

Please don’t vote in our pool, we don’t swim in your thread.