"poop blender/crockpot"... terrible reviews@ Amazon--what's the worst you have found?

What are the worst products out there, according to Amazon.com reviews? I’m currently quite entertained by this particular review of the CatGenie automatic litterbox, and then have continued to read in horror the long list of one- and two-star reviews for this product. :eek: (The phrase “poop blender/crockpot” was used in one of the reviews, in case that wasn’t obvious.)

Basically, if it works for you, it’s great, but if it doesn’t, you end up with (according to many, many reviews) a device that liquifies all of your cat’s waste, collects it in a bowl which then clogs and/or overflows, and which needs to be manually emptied and cleaned. “Normal” maintenance on this device apparently requires frequently disassembling and cleaning the whole unit. Additionally, it has a drying feature which most people describe as filling their house with the odor of “baking poo” which is apparently one of the more horrendous smells possible.

So what we have here is a product designed to free you of the yucky task of scooping your litterbox, and the product solves this by creating what sounds to me like a Brazil-esque nightmare of yuckiness as an alternative. Niiiiiice. Yeah that’s a product I won’t be buying.*

So what products have you found on Amazon that have reviews that leave you bug-eyed in horror?

*not that I was ever considering it–I didn’t come across the review because I was considering the product.

Amazingly, a lot of people seem to like it!

Yeah, like I said, apparently if yours works, they’re awesome. It’s just the horror of what could go wrong if they don’t that has me curled in the corner in the fetal position.

I read the most hilarious review of that product once - first they broke the water valve in the bathroom trying to set it up, so they had to fix the flood, and when they finally got it running their cat was so scared of it she peed on the floor right then and there in terror. They gave it away to friends and the exact same thing happened - flood, and then terrified pee-cat.

Funniest review I ever read on Amazon . . . I know I can’t do this justice because I can’t remember the exact wording but I’ll summarize. Back several years ago when Citizen Kane and The Godfather were back and forth 1-2 on IMDB, people were actually arguing about it in the Citizen Kane reviews as if it were a message board. Finally this guy writes a really well thought-out response; gives good and bad points of each movie, compares and contrasts both, etc. Then he ends by saying, “of course none of this matters, because everybody knows the greatest movie ever made is Chairman of the Board starring Carrot Top.”


Ha! I seriously haven’t ever found a series of reviews on Amazon that made me more scared of a product than these. I know there are a lot of good reviews, but the “what if” element of those bad ones is just… :eek:

So you just gotta ask yourself.

Do you feel lucky? PUNK?

Holy cow. That’s really saying something. I know just how bad the smells of a hospital can get. :frowning:

I remember looking into that product when I was a new cat owner. It sure would be nice if you could count on it to work the way it’s supposed to work.
I have always sort of wished I had the time and energy to try to teach my cats to just use the toilet.
( Although http://www.litter-robot.com/ is not too shabby if you ask me )

That one has some catastrophic one-star reviews, too.


I just bought a CatGenie last week!

I’m trying to get the kitties to use it now…

[sub]Pray for me…[/sub]

I have a Litter Robot. It’s AWESOME. My newest cat won’t use it, though.

Thirding the Litter-Robot. I adore that thing.

The Litter Robot is great, but it does have one major flaw. The tray has to be emptied too frequently.

It’s a spacious tray but the poops have a tendency to fall directly atop one another and form a little poop-tower. It doesn’t take long for it to reach the level of the rotating globe, and when it does… well, just use your imagination. Water hose time. :frowning: