Poop eating - Just Say No!

There’s nothing like doggy breath after they’ve chowed down on a pile of poop. :eek:

My dog will soon be a reformed poop eater. Thanks to Potty Mouth. It’s a treat you feed them that makes their shit taste bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

one of the ingredients is Cayenne. I guess the pepper makes a spicy poop they can’t eat.

So far it’s working. You have to give it to every dog in the house. Otherwise the untreated poop will become a juicy snack for Fido.

Two weeks treatment is supposed to break them of the habit.

Can’t you just make them floss, brush their teeth and gargle with Tom’s of Maine healthy all- natural mouthwash?

They’ll still roll in it, won’t they? You don’t want to take away all the simple pleasures.

It’s pretty obvious a dog’s sense of smell isn’t nearly as good as what we give them credit for.

Can you give it to the cats?

Or perhaps our sense of smell isn’t good enough to appreciate the full bouquet and aromas of fresh poo. To us, it smells like shit - to them - it smells like bacon!

Does it hurt them? I know poo from spicy food can hurt a bit, coming out.

Right you are, Frazzled, our scents of pooquet has gone to waste.

In our case, we’d have to give it to all the alley cats that view the backyard as their personal litter box.

Walmart sells a similar brand with a formula closer to what my vet sold me once. The vet’s stuff was powdered and contained only monosodium glutamate and papain.

For my dog, the real delicacy is horse poop. Fresh, if possible.

A friend of ours breeds Yorkies. She told us about Potty Mouth. She’s used it for years with her dogs. It doesn’t bother them.

Funny how only one poop eating dog in a house will cause all the others to do it. Perhaps they all want the same refreshing brown breath. :slight_smile:

My parents’ dog used to eat her poop and someone suggested the cayenne treatment. Being a sensible chap I decided to do a little experiment and I gave her a corn chip with a large spoonful of cayenne powder on it.

She ate the hot pepper, drank a little water and then came over begging for more.

Rather than encourage poo eating and the smell of fiery hot crap breath we decided to avoid dousing her shit in pepper.

Did you try giving the dogs pineapple? I’ve always wondered if that worked. (My dog only eats elk poop…)

My Golden, Cooper, will see this simply as a condiment. He is an unrepentant poop eater who thinks the cats litter box is his own personal Almond Roca factory.

This is a timely thread. After thirty years of dog owning/breeding, I have my first Poop Eater. I think she mainly does it to hide it. (I’m forcing my gag reflex to relax as I type this. uurrrk.) I have her on Hill’s Science Diet (what she came with, as a pup) and her poop is so stinky that if she does poop in the house, you know it immediately, all over the house. And then…to eat…it…??? I’ve got to find a solution.

Our golden used to get carsick in the camper. Cleaning up dog vomit is bad enough, now imagine cleaning up a monster-sized puddle of regurgitated deer poop. I can still remember thinking initially, “Who fed him? He’s not supposed to have kibble before a trip! Wait… this isn’t kibble… AAAAAHHHH!”

Pardon me while I go eat a Tums.

Change her food to something that’s better quality.

I know a mostly delightful dachshund who is an unrepentant poop-eater; I joke about bringing her over to clean out my cat box for me. yancelebeef, my dog-groomer aunt refers to cat boxes as “Kitty Roca” for certain dogs. I know my parents’ lab has gotten into the box a couple of times as well and try not to think about it since he is my favorite dog in the universe.

I don’t let my dachshund friend lick me, though occasionally she catches me entirely off-guard and sneaks in a lick. Ewwww.

Hopefully not one of the ones that accidentally catches you on the mouth with your lips slightly parted…