Poor African Country Announces "Imminent Launch Of 5 Satellites" - Reaction?

The scenario:

What would your reaction to this announcement be? What do you think the world’s reaction to this announcement to this would be? How would the international community take it?

Additionally, as an aside continuation:

Tomorrow (i.e. 19 June 2013) at 1100 GMT, this poor African country then goes and actually launches five satellites in its backyard from intriguing “mobile launchers”. The satellites then go into successful orbit and are functioning impeccably. They are up to the standard of even the very best US communications satellites.

With this in mind, what would your reaction now be? How would we as humans take this? How would the international community take this news?

I’d wonder who they bought them from, and what both of their games are.

I’d assume it’s that old Nigerian “99 cents for unlimited cell phone minutes” scam.

My reaction would be “smile and nod”, then “wait and see”.

Bring it.

I’d assume the reaction would be “yeah, sure, that’s nice,” quickly becoming “holy—what the hell just happened!?”