Poor Damn'd Hamsters

I know that these boards are not run on a particularly high powered system and that we are here because of the civic good will of the Chicago Reader, but I’ve noticed something. From about two in the afternoon the board starts slowing down. In the evening you get a “site cannot be found” message. Same in the early morning until about seven o’clock when the system abruptly starts working again until early afternoon. I can’t imagine that a new team of hamsters comes in at 7:00AM. Somebody must tweak the system when they first come to work.
The Question: is there anything we can do to help, save not posting?

I’ve heard elsewhere on these boards that running searches is awfully taxing on the hamsters. If true, then cutting down on searching will probably help.

Keep the coding weasel from eating the hamsters.

Can’t we all donate $10 to get better equipment, or something? I mean SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS! I love this board, but it makes me want to pull out my pubic hair in clumps!

I’d pay $10 to see that…


a ten or twenty to post for a year…

Make it half a C-note for me. Anything to get more hamsters into the workplace.

I saw a post one time claiming that the donation idea had been rejected by the Reader for some reason.

I’ll go search for it.

NO WAIT…board grinds to a halt