Poor little me: My parents gave me a stupid name

A “New baby” announcement was just e-mailed to everyone here at work.

The name of the new sprog: Piper Gaby Smith*

*Only the surname Smith is made up. The rest is real.

To the parents, I give you this as a welcome gift: :wally with a side order of: :rolleyes:

I’m sorry to report that stupid baby names are not limited to celeb couples. This frightening trend is infiltrating among us “normals” too. Well, at least among the stupid ones who think it’s really clever to give their offspring “unique” names.

Welcome to the world, Piper Gaby. May your sex-ambiguous, unique name serve you well until you turn 18 and can legally change it.

Feel free to post other dumb names you’ve come across recently.

My cousin had her baby last year. She named her Michael (not sure how she spelled it). That’s right, her daughter is named Michael. I can’t recall the middle name right now, but it was definitely a boy’s name as well. Now that kid will have to spend most of her life hearing, “So your parents wanted a boy huh?” and having substitute teachers not believe that its her name. Way to go.

Well, it isn’t a terrible name, but some friends of mine recently named their daughter Alivia. Now, Olivia is a lovely name. Why’d they have to go and butcher the spelling? When I see “Alivia,” I think “Alive-ee-ah.” I think that’s what bothers me the most about tryndee names. The poor kids are going to have to spell their names for people their whole lives and have them mispronounced.

That’s actually not all that rare. I think John-boy’s mom is a Michael.

If I were still in the baby-makin’ stage of my life, I think I’d name a little girl “Jane”.

I hope Piper Laurie, who’s been using the name for over half a century, isn’t too upset to find out that it’s “stupid.”

Although I suspect that the child’s parents are actually fans of “Charmed,” which right there is reason enough to stop them from breeding.

What’s wrong with Piper Gaby? It’s pretty, actually. And I love Piper Laurie!
(Although I could never name a child Piper-I like the name, but we have a cat named Piper Grace.)

At least it wasn’t a boy. Named Sue…

Many, many (way too many) moons ago, I had a part time job in the driver’s license records section of the Texas Department of Public Safety. Pre-computer, huge file room full of drawers full of paper records. Needless to say, I found some strange names.

The ones that have stuck with me were a black male with the first and middle names of Precious Blueyes, and at least three people whose legal first name was T9C.

Is Piper a girl? To me it’s a feminine name.
It is certainly a bit unusual, but definitely not the stupidest one I’ve ever heard. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next 20 or 30 years as these kids with silly names start to spawn their own kids.

Piper doesn’t get anywhere near “weird” for me. I’d *prefer * Gabrielle or Gabriella to Gaby, but I wouldn’t consider Gaby beyond the pale. Sorry, I’m just not getting the outrage.

Gah. You think that’s bad, my parents named me John. You couldn’t* imagine* the pain I had to endure when I was watching Family Fued one day and found out that John is the dullest male name. Survey said it. #1. DING! I always wanted a different name as a kid.

What I find funny is what happens with name trends.

The Nephew is a Mark. SIL chose it among other reasons as a name that’s not very common yet not weird.

“The hunk” in a very popular TV series is a Mark. We already know of 5 other Marks born within months of The Nephew.

When I see Gaby I think “rhymes with baby” and not Gabby which is the diminutive of Gabrielle/a. I wonder which it is?

I have a perfectly ordinary name that’s not all that common. I’m cool with that.

Aaaaargh, wanted to go advanced, hit “Post” instead! Sorry.
My college class (240 people in “first year”, trimmed to 80 in “second”) included 9 Jorges or Jordis. That’s 9 guys out of 40. None by that name in either the 3 previous years or the next 4.

Talk to teachers if you want to follow naming trends. Every year it’s a new group. In my classes this year, Zachary and Selina are popular. Last year it was Kris, with variations. In one class I had a Kristin, a Kristi, a Kirstin, two Kristines and a Krystal.

Trendy names are one thing, but trendy spellings really honk me off.

Are the parents Pink Floyd fans? You know, Pipers At The Gabys of Dawn.

Not common? Really?

I had no less than 8 close friends named Mark. One of my best friends is named Mark. I’m 27.

My dog’s name is Piper!

But really, it’s not all that unusual–certainly no Moxie Crimefighter or Kal-El Coppola. She can always go by Gaby if she doesn’t like her first name.

And this is my sister, 73W.

What the heck were these parents thinking to give a kid a NUMBER for a name?

One that’s bugging me is a new trend-name: Nevaeh. Looks like a New England pronunciation of “never,” but it’s really “heaven” in reverse, and pronounced as Neh VAY uh.

I just met a woman who named her daughter Lava. At least I knew early on that I could never be friends with her.