Poor 'ol' Fred Phelps, his fence was vandalized

The following is a link to an article in today’s Topeka Capital-Journal.


Let it be known I disapprove of what someone did to the fence. Hate should not be responded to with more hate(two wrongs don’t make a right and all that). But why is Margie Phelps spouting off about others being hypocrites and hateful in their response to the Phelps “message”? If indeed it was someone elses’ actions The WBC hasn’t been in the news lately around here.

While I can see the hypocrisy, painting swastikas is pretty sick.

Of course, so is that family. Did you read the bio of Phelps at www.godhatesfundies.com ?

That man is mentally ill. I don’t mean that as a flip remark-I seriously think he is one crazy mother-and I would stay far away from him.