Poor old Nauru

Nauru - island nation on the equator in the Pacific - is a place that once held great promise, but is now a basket case with little hope of escape.

Today they hit a new, sad low. We only know about it because someone fixed their telephones. On top of everything, they’ve been enveloped by a political impasse that prevents their government from making decisions. The controversial president Bernard Dowiyogo - who like most Naruans, wasn’t the healthiest - died yesterday in the US. The Naruan political situation is so fucked up that the Parliament wasn’t even able to pass a condolence motion. It’s only a symbolic gesture, but an inability to get even such a small thing done is a sign of utter failure.

A little more info on the sad little island here http://economist.com/printedition/displayStory.cfm?Story_ID=1623170

The above link reads more like a passage from a Vonnegut novel than a news story, the mistfortunes (self inflicted and otherwise) that have befallen that little island are really that outragous. Their main problem is pretty much that now that there is no more phosphate to mine the island has no source of income. Really poor fiscal planning during the good times and a number of questionable investments including backing a musical about da Vinci’s love life, not to mention attempts at money laundering have left the place an utter mess.

Looks like they’re pretty much on their for sorting out their mess too, having no vital resources the world needs and being to isolated for their instability to spread, no other nations have much incentive to lend them a hand.


Hold it, hold it… I mean, money laundering I can see, it’s something of a dishonorable tradition among microstates… but backing a stage musical as a source of national revenue? Someone was thinking outside the box (who should have been kept in one :wink: )

What next, have their Ambassador walk into a McDonald’s and spill coffee on himself?

That is sad…to think that living off the mining and sale of fossilized bird guano, as the Nauruans did for decades, were going to be Nauru’s halycon days. You’d think someone would have sympathy for them and pitch in for a satellite phone. :frowning:

Maybe it’s time for Bill to buy the country outright, move the Microsoft headquarters there, absorb the existing government and residents as employees, and run the place as a corporate enclave. Since the island’s already a nation, he can get away from those annoying trials concerning his business practices. And what’sa more, he can start his own navy, fill the sky with M$/Nauran satellites, and generally go PPPBBbbtthhh at the US…

I do feel bad for Nauru. The inner 95% of the island has been mined into nothingness. It was once so beautiful.

[random trivia]
Nauru is the world’s smallest republic
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