Pop Song Sequels

Ran across a link to this site of Possible Follow-up Songs for One-Hit Wonders. You know, that’s not much of a list. Let’s come up with some of our own! And while we’re at it, list the artist for the pop-culture impaired. Here’s a few to get started:

She Had A Ticket To Ride (But It’s Expired) – Beatles

Mornings in Rumpled No-Longer-White Satin – Moody Blues

Now That I’ve Painted Everything Black I’ve Changed My Mind – R. Stones

Oops, I Remember Who You Are Now – The Who

American Woman II (I’ve Got A Restraining Order) – Guess Who

I Want To Get Away From The Cinnamon Girl – Neil Young

I’ve Been Back To The Desert On An ATV – America

Hmmm. Movie Merger Madness gets up to 6 pages and thousands of views and this one just kinda drops like a stone with all of 3 views. I have got to learn to come up with better thread titles!

Let’s see if I can do a little CPR on this thread …

Here’s a whole set of sequels from Jimi Hendrix:

Crosstown Traffic II (Still Stuck)
Crosstown Traffic III (Will This Traffic Ever Clear Up?)
Crosstown Traffic IV (That’s It I’m Walking)

How about a prequel from the Beatles?

White Submarine

How’s about doing real ones while we’re at it?

It’s My Party followed by Judy’s Turn to Cry - Lesley Gore

Accck-Blah- Sequel to Mmm-Bop (Hanson)

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Android That Got Psychological Treatment And Is Better Now - Radiohead

No Longer Smells Like Teen Spirit After Dry-Cleaning - Nirvana

Time Ran Out, But Luckily We Got An Extension - Muse

Found My Religion, It Was Behind The Couch - R.E.M

To me it seems actual sequels in Pop Music are a rare breed.

Going WAY back remember Ray Peterson’s “Tell Laura I Love Her” ? (Tommy enters a stock car race ($1,000 prize) in an attempt to win money so he can buy Laura a wedding ring. Well, you can guess what happens).
Shortly thereafter, **Marilyn Micahels ** (playing the role of Laura), sang **“Tell Tommy I Miss Him”. ** (Same melody and the same guy singing the bass part ‘boom-boom-boom-boom’).

Also going WAY back, remember Diane Renee(sp?) singing “Blue Navy Blue”? She followed this with a marginally successful song “Weekend Pass” or something like that - not too sure. Heck it never got the airplay that **“Tell Tommy I Miss Him” ** did.

**Harry Chapin ** who had a hit with “Taxi” (1972) followed this ten years later with a song appropriately titled “Sequel”.

Could it be titled “Kiss Me, Sailor”?

(BTW, the last name is Renay.)

Okay I’ll invent one.
Sequel to Bobby Fuller Four’s (or the Clash for you younger folks) “I Fought The Law
"Parole Board Hearing"

Governor Quinn - Good job in researching !

Just to add to that, here is the *official * Diane Renay website !!!


Okay, Baby, You’ve Hit Me Enough Times: Britney’s follow-up to Baby, One More Time

This Place Isn’t as Great as the Name Suggests: Guns ‘n’ Roses’s sequel to Paradise City

Alright, I Was Being Too Optimistic: marching-band successor to Stars and Stripes Forever

The World Ended (And Now I’m Bored): R.E.M. song in the vein of It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Oh, it wasn’t research- Music Choice for a while seemed to be playing that song over and over on their Oldies channel, and, after a while, I memorized it.

Not Much Happening Here Now – Buffalo Springfield

Salvaging the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and the sequel to that, Fighting Over the Salvage Rights to the Edmund Fitzgerald – Gordan Lightfoot

Hey, Twenty – Steely Dan
Peg II (It Came Back To You, So Now What?) – Steely Dan

Stepping Back In – Joe Jackson

Did It Again- Steely Dan
XM (Even Less Static Than Before)- Steely Dan
Land of 1001 Dances- Various Artists

The South Did It Again, But Not Very Well - Charlie Daniels admits he didn’t think of everything in The South’s Gonna Do It Again

Coach, I’m Sitting Out Until I Get a Contract Extension - John Fogerty follows up Put Me In, Coach

Or Center Field, or whatever the name of that dumb song is.

Have You Still Not Seen The Rain-CCR
Stop Doing That To Me- The Captain and Tenielle
You Don’t Have Me, Babe- Sonny and Cher

“Hey, so we had cost over-runs !!!”

Sequel to “We Built This City” by Jefferson Starship

Excellent thread, my man! Lemme give it a shot:

  1. And the band went to the bar and had a few drinks - Eric Bogle, follow up to… well, you know

  2. Rough Sodomy - Michael Jackson, following up Smooth Criminal. Now, wait a second! This isn’t a pick on Michael himself, there’s enough of that out there. In fact, why don’t we make the artist not the original, but the cover artists, Alien Ant Farm. There you go.

  3. Dead Petals, by Nirvana. The follow-up to their hit, In Bloom.

  4. Knockin’ and A-Poundin’ On Heavens Door - Bob Dylan.

  5. Communist CheckBook - The sister song of Rage Against The Machine’s Guerilla Radio.

  6. Too Hung Ova To Remember A Damn Fing - which is, obviously, the sequel to any number of party songs. Dig it.

Okay, okay, don’t be too hard on me. It’s late here and my mind is not the fertile bed of knowledge that it once was. Later, gators.


You’re probably thinking of Not Worth Much. People often misremember the title to this song thinking of the lyics of the refrain instead.

A-L-I-M-O-N-Y as the follow-up to D-I-V-O-R-C-E.

(Actually, D-I-V-O-R-C-E was a pretty good sequel to Stand By Your Man. :smiley: )