"Pop Tops" and Kidney Dialysis

You know the tops of our soda pop cans? People would pull these tops off and collect them supposedly to donate the aluminum for the National Kidney Assc., I guess, to parlay into money to buy someone time on a kidney dialysis machine…

a) Is there any truth to this?
b) Wouldn’t the whole aluminum can be worth a lot more?
c) Where was one supposed to drop off all these tops???

Maybe some SDoper knows the inside scoop to the validity of this. I heard rumur it started off as just a cruel hoax…what’s the real scoop?

  • Jinx

a) No.
b) Yes.
c) n/a

This is an old chestnut of an urban legend. Snopes should have it written up.


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Our newspaper has a column where they print people’s phone calls to the paper on a variety of subjects. Every so often this comes up–someone asking “where to send the can tabs to”. I have called in several times saying there is no such program, although recycled aluminum does have a value and you might want to ask your favorite charity if they want your soda cans. I also point out that the tabs have no more value and they should save the whole can.

Somehow, they never publish MY call.

Is this still going around? I thought it was just around when pull tabs were on cans, not those newfangled opener-key thingys that don’t normally separate from the can. Do people really somehow get these off of hundreds and thousands of cans?

Actually, the local Ronald McDonald House DOES collect the little tabs off of modern soda cans, though what for I’m not sure. I know my science teacher collected them in high school and dropped them off successfully. So no, not dialysis, but still.

You bend it back and forth a few times. On some cans it’s easier than on others.


Send your pop tops here, if you want to do something actually worthwhile with them (I send mine along, I LOVE this program.)


It’s an elementary school ongoing project to collect 11,000,000 pop tops to represent the number of people killed in the holocaust. AFAIK, they still are several million short.