Pop tops

What year did the use of pop top soda and beer can tops end?

Whew! I thought you were going to ask about kidney dialysis. :D:D

It was the mid 1970’s when bottlers started playing around with can openings that didn’t come off the can. Coors came out with a double-hole can with raised perforated covers.

You’d first press down on the little opening to release the pressure (it also acted as a vent hole for when you drank), then on the edge of the big one. Finally, you had to stick your finger down in the big hole to move the cover out of the way to drink your Silver Bullet. Problem with this system: you’d either stick your finger into the beer, or you’d miss a little and slice your finger on the opening’s edge.

Then I think in 1979/80 they came out with the current attached lever tab that pressed in the cover for you instead of relying on your finger. And that’s been the preferred can of use ever since.

The “pop-top” can was invented in 1974, and it started showing up here and there from that point. I’m not sure about when the pull tabs were given the taboo, but now I’m kinda curious about it too now :slight_smile:

I recall Aldi Foods in Chicago started selling the Pop Tops that didn’t come off in summer of 84. I recall watching the Olympics and for the first time seeing the new cans.