Pop ups I couldn't get rid of!

I just got a pop up that I couldn’t get ridof! i don’t mean it kept popping up, i mean there was no way to get rid of it! It had no “x” box on it, trying to use the right or left button on my mouse did not work! Nothing on my task bar worked. I had to reboot my machine. Needless to say: :mad:

If this ever happens again, what can I do about it, short of re-booting? Also, why is this legal (is it?). Are there any bills pending to outlaw something like this? Pop ups are bad enough, but when there is no means to remove them, well…:mad:

Did you try ctrl+alt+del and try to close it via Task Manager? Usually works for me.

Yeah! It didn’t work! ctrl+alt+del is usually “going nuclear” in a case like this. But it didn’t work!:confused:

I don’t know about the particular ad you’re having trouble with, but maybe this will help. It’s a small, low-resource taskbar app that closes ads a few nano-seconds after they appear. It doesn’t get rid of all of them, especially the latest ones, but it’s constantly updated. There’s several other apps that do the same, but with varying methods.

A drastic measure would be to turn off Javascript, but you’d be missing out on a lot of cool stuff.

what OS are you on ? if it’s a Windows machine, simply using Alt-F4 will close the active window.

Sometimes, the guys who design these pop-ups take advantage of certain html code that will allow a window to have no minimize/resize/close buttons. It is also possible to create a pop-up that not only doesn’t have a minimize/resize/close option, but also takes up your entire screen, hiding the task bar. Again Alt-F4 will close these types of pop-ups. If you want to see an excellent example ( from the execution of such code point of view ) let me know and i’ll look for a link to post here.

again, for all those who ever post a computer-related question, please please please mention relevant details about your system. It enables us to serve you better.

pk, i’m surprised you defaulted on such a simple rule…but, it’s always good to see your posts around here…

Thats the exact reason why I like to surf with java OFF!

Obvious Guy, you obviously mean javascript off. java and javascript are different.