Popcorn and birds

I just dumped a half bowl of stale popcorn, slightly burnt (with a few unpopped kernels, of course) out on the balcony and I wonder: Would popcorn present any hazard to the approximately 6 millions pigeons that sit outside my window every night making loud pigeon noises? And how about the squirrels? If popcorn can be a choking hazard to young children, as my mother led me to believe oh so long ago, would it be a choking hazard to pigeons and tree-rats?

It would be pretty close to zero threat. If you can find something that will actually gag a pigeon or a squirrel, you will have a great future in pest management.

[sub]Please, God, let Kat have discovered a new, silent method of Urban Pest Control.[/sub]

Eh, no, sorry, dear, but I’m afraid the pigeons and tree rats figured out the popcorn thing ages ago. But it’s awfully sweet of you to have worried. Bless their dear little hearts…

[sub]goes down in basement to clean BB gun…[/sub]

Congratulations on discovering pigeon attractant.
You will likely now have more critters than ever, since you have now opened a buffet restaurant.

Any food can be a choking hazard to any creature. It’s just that bread, popcorn and Cheez-doodles are not the most nutritious foods for them. Informal studies have show that a squirrel will opt for a Frito Corn Chip over a yummy acorn most of the time, just like kids preferring junk foods to the good stuff.

Only if you shoot it at them out of a sawed-off shotgun. :D:D