Popcorn fluffiness

When popping popcorn in a pot I sometimes run into a problem where the corn won’t pop very energetically, and while using the same starting amount as other times, they only fill half the volume and taste badly. What factors determine the popcorn fluffiness?

I have tried to conduct the popping procedure the same way each time, but this sometimes happens. I have one hypothesis that it happens after a bag with corn has been opened for a while, since newly bought corn seems to perform well. I thought corn would last half an eternity though, and my failed corn hasn’t been open more than a month or two.

Nitpick: If the popcorn tastes badly, that means that the corn’s tongue is numb or something like that. If it doesn’t have a very good flavor, then it tastes bad. “Tastes” is a linking verb here, so you should use the same grammar as you would for “is”.

Thanks. I wasn’t sure about the singular/plural usage there and changed it around a couple of times. While I find such corrections useful, be gentle. I’m not a native speaker :slight_smile:

I suspect it’s because the popcorn has lost some of its internal moisture. That moisture turning to steam is what makes it pop. An opened container that doesn’t seal well may let it dry out a bit.

I think that in my experience, hotter oil may help it to pop well, but I haven’t rigorously tested it yet.

Nor, to be honest, am I likely to in the foreseeable future.

Good hypothesis. The popping volume depends on the moisture content of the kernels.

Once you open a bag of corn, it begins to dry out.

The moisture content is important. too much or to little and you get less volume or it doesn’t pop. You could be popping at to low of a temperature too. Always preheat the pan and oil before you drop in the popcorn. i store the popcorn in a glass container or a tin to help keep the moisture correct.

That is likely the problem since it matches my empirical evidence. I might have to invest in a better container than the unresealable plastic bags I buy them in. That was kind of what I suspected, but I thought it wouldn’t become an issue so quickly.

Thanks for the speedy answers.