Pope Benedict XVI, a widow with children, and a paraplegic brazilian man

…walk into a bar.

No, seriously. Last night I watched a short documentary on a Brazilian man named Hedir Antonio de Brito. He became a paraplegic when shot at 15 years old and this left him impotent. In 1996, he met a woman when she took the job as his caregiver. She was a widow with two children of her own and they decided to get married. They took the required by the church courses on marriage, booked the church, sent out the invitations and then got a letter from their bishop stating that they could not get married since he was impotent. According to the Vatican’s Canonic Law 1084, a man must be able to copulate in order to get married or as they put it:

Hedir sent a letter to Pope John Paul II but never heard back from him, I was wondering if the new pope ever answered this.