Popular songs with marching drum beats

For some reason, I am highly addicted to the James Gang song “The Bomber.”

Could be that they’re a bunch of Y-Town boys, could be that I have a personal connection with Joe Walsh, could be that that song just RAWKS…

But now I think I also like it because it contains a military-style drum beat in it, and I am a big marching band nerd.

The Jefferson Airplane song “White Rabbit” also has this type of drum beat.

What else?

“50 ways to leave your lover”

“Tusk” Fleetwood Mac

Ha! Forgot about that one. ALSO on my list of “songs that RAWK!”

Yeah I think I am definitely a big marching band geek.

“Let 'em In”

Not really. It’s kind of a complex hat, snare, kick pattern. It does have a 7 stroke roll in it though (IIRC). I’ve won a few bets based on that song (I’m a drummer). Steve Gadd is and was amazing.

The The Recruiting Sergeant segment of Medley by The Pogues.

Id be inclined to include it for this reason, as the 7 stroke roll is a rudiment which are rooted in the marching/military tradition.

“Mull Of Kintyre” by Paul McCartney & Wings.

“Stop the Cavalry” by Jona Lewie

and i think its a 5 stroke roll

Sounds like you’re right. I’m thinking that a skilled player and a well tuned drum could get the same out of a crush too.

I don’t know about the studio version, but I remember seeing Paul Simon on television around the time the song came out (SNL, maybe?). Steve Gadd was playing with two black drumsticks in each hand. It was odd enough that I still remember it thirty some-odd years later.

ETA Not Saturday Night Live, but the Simon and Garfunkel reunion concert in Central Park.

That would make sense because his signature drum sticks are all black. I kind of like 'em, and used to use 'em.

et al

You must you must you must check out this link!
It’s a short clip on DrummerWorld.com–a bit from one of Gadd’s instructional videos where he starts taking it apart.
Oh, and how 'bout Other Galactic Funk off the Meco label.



London Calling — The Clash

Ballad of the Green Berets, by Staff Sgt. Barry Sadler. It was a big hit in the mid-1960’s.

Road to Nowhere - Talking Heads, possibly?

Little Boy Soldiers by The Jam has a militaristic drum bit in the middle part.

Bring the Boys Back Home by Pink Floyd :slight_smile: