Popular usage: "Civil Rights" vs "Civil Liberties"

Reading a recent political poll, it occurred to me that we use these words often, but perhaps mean similar things by them.

I’d especially like to hear from those who have been in the position of arguing"for" one or the other. What did you mean by it? What specific rights or liberties were you hoping to protect?

But likewise from the audience perspective. If you heard a great orator on a soapbox who convinced you to volunteer your time/money to protect civil liberties, what specific liberties would you think you’d be protecting? Civil rights?

I’ll play… when I hear CL I think of freedoms that we all enjoy (or should be able to enjoy) on an individual basis. When I hear CR I hear things that groups want from others to make up for past wrongs.

You haved to ask an offended protected class what they mean by those words, and then use them accordingly. as they dictate. If a protected class says it is civil liberties, then you call it civil liberties.