Popularity of defunct team uniforms

Seattle Super Sonics items are still available in the Seattle area and gear can be seen quite often in Pugetopolis. There was some rumbling a few months ago about the NBA adding another team in the near future. Probably another kick to the nuts for Sonics fans.

The new stadium built for the Seattle Kraken was built partially with the idea of having a venue for a future NBA franchise. Most likely when that occurs (I think it’s inevitable so I won’t say “if”) it will be the Sonics again, since the team is still looked on very fondly in the area. I was a huge fan in high school and always wore a Sonics jacket to school in those days.

I wouldn’t so much call the Sonics “defunct”, as I’d say they’re on hiatus.

It looks like a legal settlement between the city, and the owner who moved the Sonics franchise to Oklahoma City, is set up to facilitate this. As per Wikipedia:

Interesting. But is the new Krakens arena a renovated KeyArena or a different venue? If the latter this might get complex.

I have no idea about the arenas, their locations, etc. and am too lazy to dig into it. Somebody local should know off top of their head.

The Key Arena was rebuilt from the inside-out; they kept the roof and some of the exterior but everything inside is brand new. They even lowered the bottom of the arena 15 feet into the ground.

Climate Pledge Arena (I know, what a crappy name, blame Jeff Bezos who named it) is a multi-purpose venue that will host all kinds of events, from concerts to hockey to basketball to circuses and ice shows.

I’m coming late to this but I remember Aldershot closing down before the end of the season, in 1992.

The 2 big post-war club closures in England were Bradford Park Avenue in the early 70s, and Accrington Stanley in the early 60s. Both names were later taken on by new clubs.

With the carnage in minor league baseball now being public, it’ll be a little interesting to see how many of the newly killed teams have any ongoing merch recognition. Obviously minor leagues already are starting from a pretty low and unenthusiastic base.

Not necessarily. The Albany River Rats moved away over ten years ago, but their merchandise is still being sold.


and now is popular in NC since the Canes wear them every year

I think the old Albuquerque Dukes logo is still more popular than the Isotopes. There’s a number of places making bootleg (I mean, somebody has to technically own the rights, right?) Dukes merchandise. That said, I don’t wear that merchandise when I go to a game. I wear my old Dukes promotional hat from like 1994.