Ever wear clothing of teams you don't like?

I was just watching the Olympics and Norwegian fans cheering one of their gold winning atheletes. One of the fans was a little girl wearing a Yankees cap. Now although it could be possible that the Yankees have a big fan in Norway, more likely she just liked the look of the hat. Do you ever wear shirts, hats, or other team clothing for a team you don’t like? Are there any teams that you like the look of but would never wear their clothing?

I was in Germany once and the town I was in had kind of a food fair; food trucks and trailers around the central market square. One of them was fruit dipped in chocolate, and the workers all were in matching yellow and white outfits with yellow Yankees caps. I asked one woman if they were all Yankees fans and she had no idea what I was talking about. It was just about the color for them.

Maybe that Norwegian girl is a Yankees fan, or maybe she just wanted to keep her head warm and the sun out of her eyes.

A few times, mainly because it was what was available. I don’t actually care about sports, so it doesn’t really matter to me.

It depends on your definition of “like”. I’m a Packers and Dolphins fan, but I have shirts from the Carolina Panthers and the Tampa Bay Bucs from various things I did with them and I will wear both of those on occasion. I don’t “like” the teams, but I don’t hate them either. The closest I have to that would be I had an IU volleyball shirt that I got from my brother when he lived in Bloomington. I grew up a Badgers fan and both my brother and best friend went to Purdue, so I’ve never liked the Hoosiers by any stretch, but I wore the shirt every once in a while.

I have a couple of Puma soccer shirts I like. One for Chivas and one for Borussia Dortmund. I don’t follow soccer at all and someone had to tell me what country these teams were from.

Some years back, I saw my dad wearing a Dallas Cowboys jacket, and was very puzzled as to why that would be (he’s a lifelong Clevelander, and never showed much interest in sports anyway). Turns out, it was just that the store was having an end-of-season clearance sale on NFL jackets, and a star was the most unobtrusive logo available.

The Yankee Hat is an exception. It is also the De Facto symbol of East Coast hip-hop so you see it on people that never heard of Babe Ruth, Joe D. or Derek Jeter. So hats with the interlocking NY sell all over the world and often to people who don’t know it is a Yankees cap.

The other part of the exception, is for many people in cultures where baseball is barely known, the Yankees are baseball.

I was in Minnesota for business several years ago.I needed to pick up some stuff at the department store. While there I saw they had some T-shirts for the brand newly created Minnesota Wild , the first ever gear for the team I had seen. So I got some just for the first-kid-on-the-block factor.

I have a few items promoting teams whose ownership/cities/fans I don’t care about (California Angels cap) or mildly dislike (Phillies t-shirt).

No way I’m wearing Yankees, Cubs or Atlanta Braves apparel. :eek:

I often wind up with team gear in my hands of which I am not a fan, because it is part of some promotional giveaway swag bag. And if it’s there and clean when I need such a garment, I’ll wear it.

One day I was without a cap (I almost always wear one outside) and needed to be outside for a while. They were selling caps of various colleges. There was no hat of a college I particularly was interested in, so I bought a hat of the Texas Longhorns because I was with a friend who was a grad. He looked at me surprised. I told him I bought that one just so I could stomp on it, which I did before wearing it.

I wouldn’t buy a Yankees hat even to stomp on it. No way I’m giving them any more revenue.

I have a Washington State University Cougars polo my wife bought for me because she went to WSU and likes me to wear it.

I couldn’t care less myself, I went to community college.

I used to have a Tampa Bay Devil Rays t-shirt; my parents had been on vacation in the Tampa area on the date that they announced the new team’s name and logo, and my dad bought a t-shirt for me.

Similarly, I had a Florida Marlins windbreaker for a while, which, again, my father had bought for me while they were in Florida.

My son has a project where he needed pictures from the 90’s. I found several of mine.

I was wearing: A Charlotte Hornets sweatshirt. Huh??? I was a Pistons fan. Didn’t even visit Charlotte(drove through once).

I found another with: a San Jose Sharks shirt. Again, never been there.

So, yes, as a teen I did apparently do this. Now? Nope.

When I was a kid I had a Penn State t-shirt that my cousin (a Penn State grad) sent me. Other than that, no way. I’m way too partisan. :wink:

That makes two of you.

Even nowdays at Minnesota Wild home games I’d say about 5% of the fans wearing jerseys are wearing Northstar jerseys.

I have a Stetson Hatters t-shirt and a Northern Colorado State sweatshirt. I got the first cause I was in the neighborhood and it seemed cool, the second at the Goodwill store in Nashua, NH for $3, because winter was coming …

Haha, burn. Good one. :smiley:

I have a Northwestern U. football t-shirt because I attended a game with my girlfriend at the time, and she was an alumna. I don’t really care about their team, but since I still have the shirt, I might as well wear it from time to time.