What are your jersey fouls?

I was reading a hockey forum yesterday when the topic of “jersey fouls” came up. Mostly I have no problem with people wearing odd types of jerseys; wear any type of jersey your franchise has ever had with any player they’ve had. (Because would you want to be an Astros fan in the 80s and stuck with wearing this?) Even wearing jerseys with your own name, which gets in the craw of many fans, is OK in my book; after all hardcore fans devote enough time and money to their team that they might as well be on the team. The two things I cannot abide are:
–Jerseys with players who have never been on the team. Really why do you want a Lebron James Trailblazers jersey?
Split jerseys. The mind reels.
What jersey fouls really get under your skin?

The number 69 on a jersey unless the player actually wore number 69 or the wearer is 20 or younger. No, it’s not funny. Just… stop.

As you mentioned, people putting their own names on their jerseys really irks me the most. But just underneath that is wearing a jersey from a team that isn’t one of the teams playing that game. WTF is up with that? I once saw someone wearing an Pirates jersey at a Nationals - Cubs game. And one thing that doesn’t bother me, per se, but I do find a little odd, is when a middle-aged man wears the jersey of a player who’s like 20 years old.

ETA: I can’t remember who the Pirates player was, but it wasn’t someone playing that day.

Seriously? I’m a Kansas City Royals fan. I will wear one of my Royals hats every time I go to a game in Chicago or Cincinnati, because those cities are close to me, while KC is not. I may even wear my Frank White jersey, because it’s awesome. I go to the park because I really enjoy watching Major League Baseball, and I wear my Royals stuff because I will occasionally run into fellow Royals fans. I was at a Phillies game wearing a Soria shirt a few years ago and got a few negative comments, but I chalked it up to being in Philly at a Thursday night game. I cannot possibly come up with a reason why this would irk somebody.

When I visited my (now ex-)in laws several years ago, I went with dad-in-law to a Twins game. Damn right I wore my Dodger cap even though they were playing the Mariners. It was fun. A few nice Minnesotans struck up conversations with me about it.

ETA: OK, it wasn’t a jersey but the same idea applies.

“Frankenjerseys” are annoying for the most part, except under special circumstances. Ryan and Drew Miller’s mother has a jersey that’s half-Red Wings, half Sabres: Buffalo Wings I think that’s so cool.

Custom jerseys can be cool – there’s this one hardcore Pens fan in Pittsburgh who makes all these jerseys with player nicknames, and insult jerseys for opposite teams. (Like “Jagoff” for Jaromir Jagr)

I would say putting your own name looks stupid. It’s not a huge sin, per se, it just looks retarded. Aren’t you there to support your team?

Other than that, I haven’t really seen all that many. One thing I would reccomend against is getting a white away jersey, because they stain easier.

Does anyone wear a “split jersey” that doesn’t have a close relative on both teams playing? I thought those were for parents and siblings.

I dunno, it kind of seems like you’re thumbing your nose at everyone - like you’re going out of your way to proclaim that you don’t like either team. With that said, what’s the reason any of these should irk anyone?


This is exactly why I don’t get the hate for own-name jerseys. Yes, you’re there to support the team. You IDENTIFY yourself with the team. Therefore, having your name on the team’s jersey reflects that you love the team. You didn’t borrow one of the players’ jerseys to wear, it’s YOUR jersey, as a fan of the team.

And yes, I do have a Royals jersey with my name on it. I didn’t know back then that anyone had an issue with it, and I don’t know if it would have mattered to me if I did.

Yeah, I’m having a hard time reconciling ‘you’re allowed to refer to the team as “we”’ and ‘you’re not allowed to have your name on a team jersey’ (which both seem to be the prevailing opinion in sports fandom) in my head…

You are allowed to have it. It’s just really stupid looking.

For football you may be right - showing up in any non-home team jersey is a recipe for disaster. But baseball really is different. It’s far more relaxed (there aren’t a limited number of 8 home games to go to). However, I’d bet cmkeller would be able to say how his experience in a Royals jersey in Yankee Stadium differs from someone showing up in a Red Sox jersey.

How about jerseys for players who never actually wore that style of jersey? For example, Nolan Ryan’s name on a modern-day Astros jersey instead of on an Astros jersey like the one alluded to in the OP.

ETA: I guess this is exactly what the OP is about.


You ain’t kidding. I don’t get scorn from Yankee fans, I get pity, and the occasional bit of nostalgia for how good George Brett was.

Probably the best example of this was when I attended the game on September 29, 2009. Bottom of the 9th, the Royals held a 3-2 lead, and then the announced relief pitcher was…Kyle Farnsworth. The Yankee fans around me said stuff like, “Ooh, bummer…” and “Sorry about this.” Sure enough, he blew the save. I still have yet to see a Royals win in the Bronx.

I remember when they picked up Farnsworth. My stepfather is willing to believe pretty much anything that comes out of the front office, since his son works there. He was big on Farnsworth, since he had been told that he’d be great. I, of course, knew better. What a shitty pitcher…

Wearing the hat of a non participating team is not as offensive as wearing a jersey. Not that it’s offensive, but I do wonder what they’re thinking. For example, the last Notre Dame football game I went to, there were 3 guys in front of me wearing Oklahoma shirts/jerseys/hats. That would have been cool, except Oklahoma was not in the game. I thought that was odd.

This x 1000

Are you kidding me? I don’t buy jerseys, but I’d be all over that one (the closest I’d come was a Ralphael Palmiero Orioles jersey which was marked down after he’d been busted for steroids). My only objection is that James is far too common a name; it’d be better to use a well-known player (say, a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar NY Knicks jersey). What you want is people saying, “Wait, what?”

I’d also love to wear an Astro jersey, just to mess with people’s heads. This dislike of it has nothing to do with style and everything to do with following the herd.

The split jersey is a bit stupid, though.

But, Palmiero actually played for the Orioles. For like 5 years.

Anyone wearing a jersey should know something about the team.

I have a theory that less than half of Longhorn and Yankee memorabilia purchasers can name even one player on those teams.