Ever wear clothing of teams you don't like?

That I don’t like? No.

If anyone ever saw me wearing Steelers gear they would know to call the asylum and have me locked up, because they’d know that I was clearly not in my right mind.

I don’t wear any gear from teams I don’t like. I would kill myself before I’d ever wear anything with a Yankee logo on it.

I interpreted the question as teams you don’t like, as in you don’t really have an opinion of, as opposed to teams you actively dislike.

Same. Like, I’d wear a hockey jersey if it looked nice and was comfortable even though I’m not a fan of any hockey team.

But I’d never wear any clothing for any NFL team other than Seattle. I’d feel dirty. Especially New England; I think I’d spontaneously combust.

I wear spirit wear for all sorts of teams I could care less about. It’s clothing as far as I’m concerned.

My ex gave me a Cougar sweatshirt. I hung in my closet for about 5 years then was donated to the Goodwill. When I root for a college team, it is usually the Huskies.

I’m a Pitt alumnus, but my daughter’s degree is from Penn State. Whenever she visits, I wear a Penn State jersey I keep on hand just to tease her.

Never. Never ever. No.

In a part of the country where Ohio State gear is ubiquitous (and which I avoid like the plague), it’s been fun wearing my vintage University of Iowa Herky the Hawk football t-shirt. :smiley:

Well, there’s a difference between wearing gear for a team you don’t like vs. wearing gear for a team you hate. I went to a Golden State Warriors game back in 2010, Steph’s rookie year. They weren’t any good, but I bought a T-Shirt because the logo was cool and I was there, so what the heck. They weren’t my favorite team, but I wore it from time to time. Since then I’ve grown to hate the Warriors and now there’s no way I’d wear that shirt.

One of my best friends is a Detroit Tigers fans and he’s bought me a couple of shirts. I mainly wear them to the gym or underneath a hoodie in winter. I don’t mind the Tigers and I often end up watching them during early day games while texting my friend
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My brother got a Cubs shirt when he went to the All Star game at Wrigley one year. I stole that from him from time to time.

When I went to Northern California I bought myself a UCSC Banana Slugs tee, just because it was neat. I realized years later that it was the same shirt John Travolta wears in Pulp Fiction.

**anyrose ** (rip) sent me a Mets tee once in a SDMB tee shirt trade. I don’t have it anymore.

I have a friend who wore a Yankees hat all through high school. I have no idea why - he is a big Indians fan just like me. Now he has his shit together, he wears his Indians hat of course. It’s weird to see him in our old pics with that stupid Yankees hat.

This doesn’t quite fit with the question but I got a 2016 Home Run Derby hat for the Indians (my team)in the style of the '80s Padres (not my team) because it looks cool.

My father once gave me a Yankee Stadium t-shirt. It’s not the only clueless, insensitive gift he’s given me over my lifetime, but it was one of the worst. I was going to destroy it, but a relative from New Jersey offered to take it off my hands.

I have a Manchester United t-shirt which I bought from a thrift store years ago. It’s actually one of my favorite shirts, even though I have no opinion of them whatsoever. (In fact, all I know about them is that there’s a game called “soccer” and they play it.)

I once had an Alabama Crimson Tide polo shirt that I would wear fairly frequently. I dislike Alabama more than perhaps any other team in college football, but dark red is my favorite color.

Years ago, I was visiting Denver during a very bad snowstorm. My aunt was happy to provide this lifelong Dodgers fan with a bright purple Colorado Rockies Jacket to wear. I tried to resist, but once I put it on, it turned out to be one of the warmest jackets I"ve ever warm. It was -15 outside and I was too grateful to complain.

A real fan would accept an honorable frozen death.

My brother and I went to the Bayern Munich–MLS All-Stars exhibition game a few years ago. He’s a Liverpool fan but consented to borrow one of my Schweinsteiger jerseys because his dislike of Bayern is outweighed by his belief that going to a sporting event wearing a jersey of a team that isn’t playing in it makes you a tool.

I could possibly see wearing gear from some overseas team that I don’t really know or care about if I like how it looks. It hasn’t happened yet but its possible. I will never wear anything from a team in baseball, football or hockey that I’m not a fan of.

I used to be a moderately rabid sports fan. Now I don’t give much of a shit. My teams were the Dodgers, Chargers, Kings (ice hockey) and Lakers. As a rule, I don’t wear logo clothing at all but if I did, I still would never wear a San Francisco Giants or Raiders gear. I know how stupid that is but the 0.0001% of sports fan inside of me won’t allow it.