Popularity of straight dope

I found this interesting link popularity tool which seems quite fun.

Google is more popular than Yahoo, BBC isn’t quite as popular as CNN. But type in straightdope.com and prepare to be amazed.

Wasn’t there a thread like this a few days ago, one that said, “Yay! We’re in 139,000 place” or something?

The 'Dope is more popular then …



The Onion totally kicks our ass though :smiley:

IIRC 13 thousand five hundred and someting or other place.

I’m not sure I entirely trust these rankings.

Who is going to www.napster.com anymore?

Why are www.whitehouse.gov’s numbers so huge?

www.NBA.com beats the www.drudgereport.com?

20: www.target.com 119,200
19: www.Southwest.com 124,080
**18: www.straightdope.com 141,569 **
17: www.WebMD.com 177,618
16: www.Women.com 330,238
15: www.eTrade.com 378,758
14: www.Napster.com 411,100
13: www.DrudgeReport.com 496,812
12: www.Expedia.com 792,598
11: www.iVillage.com 1,155,670
10: www.NBA.com 1,506,801
9: www.Whitehouse.gov 1,922,481
8: www.MP3.com 2,371,973
7: www.About.com 2,840,381
6: www.aol.com 3,584,700
5: www.msnbc.com 4,443,674
4: www.CNN.com 6,843,170
3: www.Yahoo.com 18,999,681
2: www.Microsoft.com 38,736,566
1: www.Amazon.com 50,585,841

Am I reading the chart wrong? According to the chart

The Onion rates - www.onion.com 30,948

The SDMB rates - www.straightdope.com 141,495

I appears we’re totally kicking the onion’s ass.

[sub]We need to keep this quiet or someone may start charging.[/sub]

Hmmmm interesting, because mine said The Onion had about a million and a half.

Astro, whitehouse.gov is probably popular because of all the ready.gov stuff about how to make your “safe room.” Seriously.:rolleyes:

I just did it and got 25,000 for onion and 128,500 for straight dope.

Maybe it changes every time you search and just gives you a value which is only relevant at that particular moment in time (or something) so you get an approximate value rather than a precise one?

You sure you got a million and a half for onion though world eater?

Well, it’s just the number of times you’re linked to from some search engines. Hell, my own site is ranked at 6366.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if the dope kicked ass. With the entire damn archive online every weirdo group in the universe is going to find something to link to on the dope.

Wow, we’re a playah! Neato. :slight_smile:

If we’re so popular, why ain’t Chicago Reader rich?

'Cause them hippies give away their newspaper for free. :wink:

We’re more popular that…Target?!?

Way cool!

Maybe it considers www.onion.com and www.theonion.com two separate sites.

Oh I get it…onion.com is kinda like a fake funny news type site?

Isn’t it?

It’s almost a dead heat between www.chick.com and www.straightdope.com

Is this good or bad?

mind you, a certain right wing website we all know comes in as a contender on 25, 000. Nothing to challenge SD on 128, 000 but still I think there’s still a lot of ignorance out there.