Populate a planet with critters

We’ve been given a “clone” of the current planet Earth sans humans or any evidence of human habitation or development, and no animals. You can put on one type of any living creature, so one person could put on robins for example, one hawks, ect, with any species you like. However, you cannot repeat what someone else has placed. And as an arbitrary rule because I do not like them, you cannot put slugs on Doper’s World, and assume that if whales are added plankton are as well as a package deal.
(Edit: I only thought of this last night, so I’m not totally sure it’s a game, per se. if it fits somewhere else, feel free to move it.)

Real world creature only, or can we make things up?

Ooo, now I’m torn between seeing what people make or keeping it real. Sorry, I should have added that as well. I was thinking of all of the other rules and I forgot that one. :smack:

I’d say you can make 'em up as long as they seem reasonably believable and well-explained. Oh, and it can be any critter from history as well, so dinos and such are allowed.

In that case I’d like to toss in my non-magical version of trolls I created some time ago elsewhere. I was trying to think up a non-magical equivalent of a Dungeons and Dragons troll at the time.

Interesting-diet? Reproduction? Without humans these things won’t run wild, will they?

I’ll add blue-green algae aka cyanobacteria, just because they make a nice foundation and are useful in many ways. Are you going to make me pick one? Or can I scatter around a variety and let them all decide where they’d like to be?

Diet is pretty much anything. Reproduction is by some of the troll-colony dropping or being ripped off and reforming into a smaller troll. The small creatures that make up the troll reproduce inside the troll.

It depends on what else there is to compete with them. Also, in colder regions a lot of them probably get eaten during winter by critters that aren’t as disabled by the cold.

Interesting thread titles for the win:

I’m Looking For A Good Coleslaw Recipe
Populate a planet with critters

and for some reason, my brain saw “fritters” rather than “critters,” and I thought, “what an odd game…”

I don’t know enough about them to differentiate the the types. Scatter as you like. Just say where. :slight_smile:

Dang! I thought of it first. :smack:

Ok so felix domesticus. Gotta have cats.

They go nearly everywhere. Very versatile. Anabaena is my favorite. They can fix atmospheric nitrogen and pump oxygen into vacuoles to float themselves high enough in the water to get the good sunbeams.

Ken001, if a lot of people want to do blue-greens, we can just pick species.

I feel somehow compelled to add whales…

I’m adding dragons. All of the original AD&D Monster Manual types.

I’ve always thought that trilobites deserve another go at it.

Cockroaches, obviously. They’re Mother Nature’s fulfilment of the “meek shall inherit the earth” beatitude, and they’ll be around when all the dinosaurs and dragons have gone.

What is the point of this game? At any given point do we check our world for survivability of existing species? For example those cats all die off pretty quick with nothing to eat but algae.

I add grizzly bears.

I’ll go with thermophile archae, such as are found in Yellowstone’s hotsprings and in ocean vents. Even more foundational than the blue-greens.

Judging by Spore, if the population is done by semi-anonymous committee there’s going to be a lot of penis creatures. Flying dicks, burrowing dicks, giant hairy dicks, perambulating sentient scrotums…

Anyway, I’ll add giant ants ('bout St. Bernard size). Ants are cool, big ants are cooler. And don’t you bring your inverse square laws into this ! Mine work without crushing themselves with their own exoskeleton because something something intelligent design.

Slugs are banned, but how about worms? Annelids are one of those “don’t know what you got 'till it’s gone” [del]species[/del] phyla (?) (help me out here). Trust me, the herbivores will thank me!

I’ll bring back marine sloths.