Popup ads

Hey, I’ve been noticing that when I use IE, popup ads pop up on random for sites that aren’t supposed to have popups. I had just gotten rid of that IMesh Trojan, so I’m somewhat suspicious of another background program lurking around popping up random ads. Problem is, I’ve looked through my system processes, and I don’t think I actually see anything that looks suspicious-- on hte other hand , I can’t tell the difference between one of the system critical processes and some popup program.

Does anybody know of any programs that do this? Thanks.

Try Ad-Aware.

hey, Shayna…you know of anything like that for us mac people?

Unfortunately, I don’t. :frowning:

And according to the author of this article, there doesn’t seem to be any out there at this time.

If I hear of any, I’ll be sure to let you know!

I swear by pop-up stopper.