popups on the SDMB?

I opened this thread and this pop-up came up.

Is this how the Chicago Reader plans to pay for the ever expanding SDMB, is it hackers, or what?

FTR, I had nothing else open at the time(around 8:50 EST), have Internet Explorer version 6.0, and another pop up popped up yesterday, but out of habit I closed it out but noticed the color red, which this pop up has.

I have tried it several times, and viewed the source, and I see nothing that would cause that. Sometimes IE has “zombie” sessions that sit in the background, that aren’t really dead, and can “come to life” - I’ve seen this happen myself.

Stop it. You’re scaring me.

There are (as of this writing) no pop-up ads at the SDMB, and no plans to add any AFAIK.