Pork Chops and Applesauce

Was “pork chop and applesauce” a common combination before the Brady Bunch episode, or was that just a menu chosen at random?

I ask because I received applesauce with my pork chop today at lunch.

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I never thought I’d see those two things on the same plate until Homer Simpson demanded some applesauce to go with his pork chops once. I remember having pork chops on many occasions as a wee lad, but don’t ever remember an apple sauce accompaniment, unless it was served later, as dessert. I’ve also had pork chops at all kinds of restaurants and at friends’ dinner parties, and never once had a side of applesauce along with them. Maybe it’s a deep south thing?

My mom (born in California, but I forgive her) served pork chops with applesauce. I believe in that Brady Bunch episode, young Peter was attempting to impersonate Humphrey Bogart. Perhaps this was the favorite dish of a character in a Bogart movie?

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Pork with apple sauce is as natural as beef with yourshire puddings over here.

What else would you eat portk with?

I grew up in the Midwest and it was a common food combo here - like liver and onions.

I’m in Florida and my mom always served the two together. Restaurants here do as well. I never even thought twice about it!

Always ate pork chops with apple sauce here in Rhode Island. My mom never watched the Brady Bunch.

I personally have never had porkchops with applesause. But, my friend, Brad, said this was a common combination growing up. We’re from the midwest.

Definitely a common combination, at least among folks of German or Polish extraction. I think it’s more a matter of ethnicity than a regional thing.

Another New England vote: my grandma (who did the cooking in our house) always put the two together when I was growing up, and she was definitely NOT a Brady Bunch afficianado. I don’t think she ever varied a recipe from the way she made things in 1932.

Along the same lines, who on earth would put lamb together with mint jelly? It’s good, but what an odd combination to think of.

I’ll second all the other comments. It’s not just pork chops and apple sauce, it’s pork and apples.

I’ve actually found that I like pork and apricots even more - a spicy apricot and mango and jalapeno sauce served with carnitas made with cloves and cinnamon is truly wonderful…

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I am willing to bet that line from the “Brady Bunch” was never intended to refer to a Bogart movie or a popular dish, sometimes things are what they are, I doubt it goes that deep. The writer probably just made those foods for dinner so Peter could say them later in Bogart “style” (the "s"s) when he was asked: Whats for dinner?

Well, I never once had porkchops when I was a kid (I was 22 before my BF convinced me to try 'em), but in my house Grandma’s tuna souffle (pronounced SOOF-ull on purpose) was always served with applesauce.

Mom’s both of German ancestry and from the Midwest. Don’t forget to serve the pork chops and stewed apples (you’ll never go back to applesauce) with sauerkraut.

(born in California, but I forgive her)

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Our family always had applesauce with pork chops, even before the Brady Bunch.

In that particular episode, Peter was imitating Bogart when he asked what was for dinner. It just so happened is was pc&a. And he kept repeating it in Bogart style with the broad ‘s’ (Sean Connery has that same speech impediment).