Portable CD Players recommendation

I need to buy a new portable CD player and was wondering if people had any good experience with brands.

I recently had a Sony player and it actually put holes in my CDs so I’m a little hesistent about buying another Sony (See thread in General Questions for more on the holes)

Anyway what I most want is a GOOD anti-skip player. I walk and run a lot. (I know I should switch to mp3s)

I also listen to a lot of cd books on tape,

Was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations for a decent CD player brand that doesn’t skip a lot. The Sony I had was decent and didn’t skip on the treadmill with the MP3 books on tape.


It’s time for you to make the switch to iPod. Really. I just got one, and there’s no turning back.

Yeah you’re probably right in the long run, but i don’t have the patience to sit around and record my music on to the iPod.


If you already have music set up on your hard drive, it’s easy. You just plug in the mp3 player and hit that company’s version of “synch with computer,” then go grab a sandwich while it transfers.

If you don’t (and don’t want to have the music on your computer), it’s still pretty easy. Using iTunes or WMP to rip the CD to your hard drive is a matter of dropping the disc in the tray, hitting a “Rip” button, waiting two minutes (during which time you check a Straight Dope thread or two), then doing the “synch” as above and, if you so desire, then hitting “delete” for the files on your computer. And with a sufficiently large enough player (I forget which one, but one of the big box stores has a 1GB Creative Zen flash player for like $55 this week), you only have to do this once for a given CD. Instead of looking over your big binder/CD shelf/piles of discs cluttering up your house and deciding what you want to listen to every single time.