Portable food representative of chicago?

No, not weird, really. The company’s been around since 1998, and there are just two boutiques plus the manufacturing kitchens in the city proper. While I’ve been to the boutiques since, the first time I tried Vosges was as a 1/2 ounce sampler bar at Intelligentsia Coffee probably 8 years ago.

So, without finding the little boutiques or one of the two little niches at O’Hare, the only places I think you find the bars are at Whole Foods and specialty shops that would carry the pricier stuff. Those little half-ounce samples go for just under three bucks, and a 3-oz bar is closer to $8. I’ve never bought a box of truffles, just a piece or two at a time at one of the boutiques. One of them crosses my path on my way to get my hair did, just a couple times a year.

When my mom thinks “Chicago chocolate” she still thinks Fannie May (sold out and not made here any more), and when I think “Chicago chocolate” I think Vosges.

Heh…and I think Blommer’s or World’s Finest. :slight_smile: