Portable phone headset mics vs computer headset mics.

Ok, I want a headset microphone to use primarily with my computer. I went to the store and they mostly had cordless phone headset mics.

The computer mics have 2 wires - 1 for the microphone output, and 1 for the speaker input - whereas cordless phone mics only have 1 wire, on which both signals are sent.

Here’s my question: If I get a cordless phone mic, and plug it into the record jack on my sound card, will it record properly? I know I won’t hear anything, but that’s fine, I don’t need to.

I’m wondering if the computer will “pick up” the recording signal from the single line with both signals.

I have both a cordless headphone w/mic and a PC headphone w/mic. The cordless headphone w/mic’s single pin (both mic and earphone in one) will not fit in the PC’s audio jacks, it’s a bit smaller than the PC headphone’s pins. So, to answer your question, no you wouldn’t be able to record 'coz the pin won’t fit the record jack on your sound card (this is assuming the cordless headphone pin size is a standard worldwide. I have a cordless phone that was bought in the US and it’s headphone pin is a bit smaller than the PC audio jack requires.)

I think if you go to the correct stores you could easily find a PC headphone set. But in the event that you can’t find it anywhere, try these options:

  1. Buy just a PC mic (single pin) and use that for record and use a normal audio headphone (or speakers) for listening.

  2. Connect your audio headphone (normal everyday walkman headphone/earphone) pin to the record jack of your sound card. Talk into the right earphone to record. The headphone will function as a mic. Sound quality will be affected, but i have used this method several times to have voice conversations over the 'net. Use normal speakers or another headphone for listening.

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