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Neat site!
Portraits of a Daughter in the Style of Old Master Paintings

Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed looking at the photos.

What a terrific idea! And it helps to have a super photogenic kid too.

His daughter is just precious, and it’s extraordinary how he’s reproduced the lighting effects. I especially liked the one with the girl and the cat.

I love one of the comments in the comments section for the similar mother-daughter collaboration cited at the end of the article. The comment was “It’s not really art,” basically. What a smug little trollish thing to say. Clearly, the projects are motivated by a great love for the Old Master paintings, and a great deal of intelligence and ingenuity went into them. But hey, trollish little guy has to say, “It’s not really art” and frankly, I wouldn’t trust his judgement at ALL.

I like to do (very amateurish) mock-ups of myself and my friends in the styles of various artists and it’s relatively easy. A few of myself (me, to give an idea of what I look like unassisted):

Charles Bird King
John Singer Sargent
Hans Holbein
Andy Warhol
Generic Roman Bust
Generic tintype

Since the clothing is half the work, portraits are relatively easy. (Again, I know these are amateurish, but you get the general idea.)

However, genius is doing a modern setting in the style of an old artist; imagine, for example, doing a picture of a modern day office complete with computer and modern furnishings, but in the style of a Gilbert Stuart or a Wal-Mart superstore in the style of a James Whistler. THAT is what I’m looking for in a program; any suggestions?

Thanks. The daughter is adorable in her own right; those big eyes help a lot.

I think the last one (potatoes) was my favorite.

Me too; I think it had the most Old Master-y feeling.

The one with the potatoes was definitely the best, straight-up Vermeer. Talk about painterly!