Portuguese names only John and Mary???

I hope someone knows what I’m talking about here.

I noticed that most of all of the Portuguese men that I know have the name John or some form of John. I also noticed that most of all the Portuguese women I know have the name Mary or Maria or some form of Mary.

I was wondering, out of all the names available, how come most Portuguese are named John and Mary?

As far as I know, they’re not. All I know about Portuguese and Brazilian people is that they sometimes show up here in Barcelona to play for our soccer team. Right now we have a guy from Portugal named Luis Figo, another guy whose first name is Simao, a Brazilian named Giovanni da Silva, and another guy who is named Sonny Anderson.

Henry the Navigator, Vasco da Gama, Hernando de Soto

I don’t know about Portuguese/Brazilian names, but there are an awful lot of Georges in Greece!

Mikes, in the USA?

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Although I’m only 50% Portuguese, my name’s not John, its Jeremy. My grandparents are named Francis and Dorothy, father’s Paul, uncle’s Kenneth. As I’m sitting here thinking about the Portuguese people that I’ve known over the years, I can only think of 1 John and no Marys or Marias. I can, however, think of 8 to 10 Josephs. If you want a good idea of Portuguese names, look up New Bedford or Fall River, MA in an online phone book and type in “Medieros”, “Mello”, “Bothelo”, “Rezendes”, “Sousa”, or “Soares”. I guarantee you’ll come up with a ton of names.


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I think I was too vague on my question. What I meant to say was…

How come most people living in the Azores Islands (not all Portuguese in general) are named John or Maria?