Posh Nosh

There was this 10-minute filler on one of our local PBS stations, after Rosemary and Thyme, called Posh Nosh.

The funniest 10 minutes I’ve seen in ages. A wonderful British send-up of foodies and food snobbery.

I especially liked the blind taste testing of olive oil (slurp, swish swish, spit). The writing was delicious!

Are there other episodes? Please tell me if you’ve seen this. I’m hoping for one of these every week, although I don’t see how they can keep up the quality of the writing.

eta: well I did what I should have done at the start and googled it. There are 8 episodes, and the shows were made in 2002. Yay! Seven more to see. You can see a couple of them on youtube, apparently, but I’m going to wait to see them on the big tube.