Posing as a journalist to access wanted man

Fugitives, wanted men and public enemies are seemingly able to elude or shield themselves from the authorities for years at a time. But they are sometimes seen doing interviews with journalists.

Has someone ever posed as a journalist to find these men? I suppose the wanted man will try to verify the journalist, but whomever they contact for verification could be an Argo-esque fake front. If the journalist is famous, perhaps a master of disguise could double the journalist, or just pose as someone in the camera crew to gain access?

How far has such a scheme gone?

IANAL, but:

Journalists have privileged communications. Surely this would fall into the same category as police posing as lawyers, priests or doctors to obtain information from suspects.

It’s been used as an assassination technique. One of the major anti-Taliban commanders in Afghanistan got killed by someone posing as a journalist.