Positive Gun Control News

From CNBC:

Sounds like a reasonable thing to do.

And it looks like Kroger is following suit when it comes to asking customers not to open carry.

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And more: Governor Cuomo signs two bills strengthening New York gun laws.

The New York Times analyzed NRA grades for members of Congress, and found that the number of As for Democrats has fallen from 67 in 2008 to 3 today. Fs have increased from 157 to 243. Article here. Only 19 of 229 Democrats elected in the past decade have come with A ratings, and none since 2012.
This is important since in the old days the NRA could count on some Democratic support to block gun reform - no longer.
The NRA claims that their endorsement is important, but they have reduced the number of endorsements to more or less sure things, to make the numbers look better.

Bottom line - those running for office don’t have to fear the NRA any longer. And this was before their contacts with Russia were exposed.

So Walmart will continue to sell handguns, except in Alaska, but will not sell handgun ammunition? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

I didn’t think Walmart sold handguns. None of the Walmarts that I have ever been in sold them, only long guns.

According to The Google, Walmart was only selling handguns in Alaska. So, if I understand it correctly, by discontinuing handgun sales in Alaska, Walmart is completely getting out of the handgun business.

From the link in the OP:

OK, that makes more sense. What was quoted in the OP was poorly worded. I should have looked at the article.

I’m confused, didn’t (don’t) police already have access to the info on firearm background check docs? The NICB database is administered by the FBI. :confused:

I hope you cross-posted this to the Positive Gun News Thread.

If I were a patriotic gun owner trying to serve myself, my family and the public devoutly, I think I’d be delighted to know that I can now relax my vigilance in Walmart, leaving my lethal weapon in my glove compartment. My reaction would be gratitude. Otherwise I’d have to pack heat inside the store, tensely watching for terrorists, redcoats, commies, lunatics and ethnic persons. By offering me a respite from my noble duties as a guardian of family and society, Walmart has cut down on my expenses for relaxation drugs and therapy, and left me rested and hence better prepared for my next trip to a theater, library, or some other place possibly teeming with terrorists and other villains.

Please, don’t.
In light of recent events, I want there to be no ties whatsoever between this thread and that one.

True but not all jurisdictions report to the FBI the same way/level (there are felony convictions out there the FBI has no idea that they exist) and much of the mental health aspect is shielded unless certain adjudications are met. To some that is the big problem with the current background check system; it relies on the FBI information which many states (and possibly even the FBI itself) admit is not as accurate or complete as it needs to be. I believe the intent of NY is to bring the same standard they apply to their own residents to all coming into the state.

Colt suspends production of AR-15 for civilian market

May as well kick the zombie awake for the quite rare event that actually qualifies for this thread.

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Turns out that if you outlaw guns, outlaws can’t get them either. Whooda thunk it?

Shouldn’t be that rare. There have been a lot of events that definitely qualify for this thread, such as Biden going after “ghost guns” (especially 80 percent receivers), stricter regulations regarding stabilizing braces, the ATF’s new (as of 2021) policy of zero tolerance for gun dealers who violate gun control laws, improvements to red flag laws and procedures, and that is just what I can think of off the top of my head.

Other than the ghost guns one, which I think is still far too early to celebrate, I actually hadn’t heard of any of those.

Even more of a reason for this thread.

The post about London, however, isn’t just about steps taken to maybe decrease gun violence, it is actually about results.