Possible cause for this Peruvian malady 1846.

In Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine. No. CCCLXX. August, 1846. Vol. LX. a traveler to Peru encounters a malady that is from drinking water. Any idea what this may have been.

Cuidado! Es agua de verruga! translates to Beware! Wart is water! with an online service. Any Spanish speaker with a better translation should post it.

A search on “Verrugas Disease” got me to this Wikipedia page.

It’s Oroya fever, probably.

A better translation would be "Careful! It’s “wart water.”

Thanks for finding it.

This is nasty looking when you search pictures for it. It looks a lot like boils filled with red blood at first, only it bulges out much further like a spherical bubble of blood. The older stuff is bluish black and raised like a gigantic wart that keeps having the top get torn off.

Thankfully there is treatment with antibiotics. It wasn’t identified until 60 years after the article.