Possible identity theft -- suggested preventatives?

I recently got a call at work from a trade publication that I receive a free subscription to.

The caller said they were re-enrolling me, but needed to know my place of birth. I smelled a rat and hung up. (No, I didn’t think to trace the call – I was in the middle of a meeting).

I strongly suspect this was an identity thief, trying to fill out their information – I can’t imagine why the publication would solicit such data.

Operating under this assumption:

  • What are some tell-tale things I should keep a look out for?

  • Are there any preventative measures I should be taking?

Date of birth would be a legitimate question for demographics.
The magazine would attract ads by saying they are read by such and such an age group.

If your worried about identity theft keep an eye on your credit reports. Look not just for unpaid credit bill but especially at who is looking at your credit report. Anyone applying for credit in your name will have to have a credit giver to look at your credit report.

Buy a shredder. The best place to steal an identity is from the trash.

I recommend this site for information regarding ID theft.