possible identity theft?

I go online to check my bank balance this morning and I find a charge ($939.00) that I did not make made on the internet with my debit card (which I have with me offshore), I called the place where the charge was made and the e-commerce dude will not be in until monday, I called my bank and they say “wait until you talk to the dude” so here I sit, waiting, this sucks, it’s like waiting outside of the principals office in school, I won’t bounce any checks but I’m damn near broke now.



I can’t believe they said wait for the IT guy. Whoever did this could clean out your account. Call the bank again and get someone responsible on the phone.

I agree with Stol. Call someone NOW.

Another chiming in: call your bank, and DO NOT LET THEM GIVE YOU THE RUNAROUND! If they try to do so, sic the BBB and your state’s Attourney General upon them. (eyes spelling, and fehs: hopefully that’s somewhat correct)

If they give you shit, switch banks. Don’t hesitate to tell them exactly why you are leaving them. Your money, identity, and peace of mind are at stake here.

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It’s not identity theft*. They stole the account number and expiration date.
Call the bank and report it. Get a fraud case started.

*Identity theft being defined as ‘personal information (such as social security number) stolen and used to fraudulently acquire credit.’ Sorry, it’s a pet peeve of mine that all credit card fraud gets lumped under ID theft. There’s a million types of fraud.

hardygrrl, fraud analyst