Possible UL, but good advice regardless

I received the following post this afternoon, and was asked to check if it was a hoax:

To: grad-women
Subject: FW:FYI … ladies be careful!!!

----This was forwarded to me, it happened in Austin! This actually happened to my friend’s niece last week right here near downtown. It was after dark and she stopped to get gas at a QuikTrip. She filled her tank and walked into the store to pay for her gas. The cashier told her “don’t pay for your gas yet…walk around the store a while and act as if you’re picking up some other things to buy. A man just got into the back of your car. I’ve called the police and they’re on their way.” When the police arrived, they found the man in the back seat of the girl’s car and asked him what he was doing. He replied, he was joining a gang and the initiation to join is to kidnap a woman and bring her back to the gang to be raped. According to the police that night, there is a new gang forming here originating from Chicago. The scary part of this is because the guy didn’t have a weapon on him the police could only charge him with trespassing…he’s back on the streets and free to try again. Please be aware of what’s going on around you, ladies. This could happen to any one. Please forward this on to anyone you care about!

There is no QuikTrip listed in the Austin phone book. A Quik Food Mart, two Quik Stops, and a few Quikie Pickies are listed. This doesn’t mean there is no QuikTrip in town, but without an exact location, “near downtown” covers a large area.

Also, without a name and date, it’s pretty hard to verify the story with the police department. And if the man told the police exactly what his intentions were, he should qualify for “Least Competent Criminals” in News Of The Weird. Shouldn’t he instead have been charged with attempted kidnapping?

“Be careful” is good advice, though.

The work e-mail address of this post’s writer was provided. I’ll ask her for particulars, and report back if she responds.

Meanwhile, has anyone else read or heard this story?

This a version of an urban legend…


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It’s a popular UL. I think it’s even in the movie Urban Legend. Usually in the story, though, the girl gets freaked out by the creepy gas station attendant, runs to her car and drives away to be killed or what have you by the guy in her back seat.

Sigh. “Gang initiation”. The hallmark of a UL.

It’s crap.

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Squee & Alpha, thank you for the site. I’ve forwarded it.

And the reason that you were unable to find a Quik Trip in Austin is because there are no Quik Trips in Austin. That’s 7-11 territory. Hell, I don’t think that there’s a Quik Trip in TX at all.

And as has been pointed out, it’s all nonsense.

Flick Lives!

My sister forwarded a version of this to me last week. The name of her city replaced Austin in the tale, but other than that it was the exact same story. I sent her the link to snopes, and to this thread . . . .


She responded that it was a hoax, that someone must have used her pc while she was away from her desk, and to please delete the post and ask who I got it from to do the same. I’ve done so.